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Friday, March 13, 2009

Far too much rambling for a Friday night...

So today was my last day at Technicolor. As some of you may know it was always going to be a three-week probationary period during which they took a look at my work and decided between me and some other guy. I left today without any definitive idea of whether or not I'm going to get it, just advice about when to call them back. It looks like things will probably pick up for them in April, as she explained to me today, and at that point they will want to bring "someone" in to work freelance until they decide they want to make it a staff position. How's that for definitive (sarc.)?

They have to do what they have to do. I'm not too fussed about it but now I have to delicately hassle them, when I just heard from a source that that's what the other guy has been doing. Except maybe not so delicately.

Have to come up with a strategy there.

Now, I think it's time for me to deal with the slight funk I'm in. I find that it's best to just first sit down and try and put my finger on everything that's bothering me, when in a funk. Then, I can begin the work of dealing with those things or writing them off if they're not important enough to be bothering myself about. So here goes. It'll be like an exercise. This should be fun.

Okay: I don't have my windows covered. That's bothering me, I realized, because I'm spending all my time in my bedroom at my computer because I don't want to hang out in a room where people outside can see in. So I have been neglecting that room, damn-near avoiding it. So, essentially, half of my living space is "off limits." I feel confined. This can't be good. I just have to deal with that though until I can finally block out unwanted eyeballs. It does help to know that that's the root of it all.

The rest of the things that I realize are bothering me are seriously trifles and aren't bothering me terribly bad, but I'll list them for the sake of the exercise:
I have a cold sore, and also a cold. My hair is falling out more since I've been using that shampoo and, even though I can see new hairs growing in where my old hairline used to be, it's still sort of harrowing (at least they're not all gray already). I asked a girl out a few weeks ago (this one was bothering me up until tonight) and she's been out of touch so I've not gotten to go out with her yet, in fact, I figured she was just not interested at all(turns out she's really busy, as her friend told me, finding a new place, then moving within the city, but also out of town visiting family etc.).

Funny how most of these things either resolve themselves or have simple solutions. Almost not worth worrying about them. ;)

Anyway, I've got a week or so of no work and I can choose to do just about anything with that time. However, I'm going to spend most of it job hunting. I think I'll fan out and look at film jobs, even if they are sporadic and not sustained. Of course, I'll keep on TV stations and I'll keep pestering, lightly, Technicolor, because I really liked that job.

Not every second of these upcoming weeks will be spent glued to the internet search pages, however. I'm going to be touring the city a little with a friend who goes to Columbia and has her spring break next week. MK is really cool and has lived here five years. And her neighborhood is great, up on the Upper East Side. I've been up that way a few times already and I really like it.

Tonight, I visited another Manhattan neighborhood. Really, just lightly scraped the surface. Murray Hill. I was there meeting Farah, my cousin's roommate, at a restaurant called Rice. I'd been to the one in Nolita with Karishma (the first night here, in fact) so I suggested it for tonight because I was taking Farah out for dinner as a thank you for her letting me stay with her for three weeks.

It was a good night, fun conversation with Farah, great ambiance in the restaurant, cool area in general. As I waited for Farah, standing on the corner of 28th St and Lex Ave, I could see the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building and another building which I had never seen before but whose spire was magnificently lit. Indian Restaurants abounded, joined by the occasional Mexican or French restaurant and residents hung out on their fire escapes smoking and chatting. I passed a Bollywood CD store on my stroll around the block. I love how this city and its boroughs are so diverse. Straight down to the things that annoy you. Two nights ago it was wannabe gangster rappers standing around across the street with their stereo booming at midnight while they all took turns saying "mother f@#$er" but tonight two Chinese people were chatting loudly directly outside my window. Tomorrow, I'm sure the Mexicans will be setting off their car alarms accidentally again. But I jest. It's a great neighborhood in reality. I think I'm going to go jogging in Sunset Park tomorrow morning. It's been over a month since I've jogged. For now, I should end this ramble and sleep since I've been up since 6:30 this morning. Good night.

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