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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why I moved to New York...

I've been here over a month and it still hasn't hit me. I mean, really hit me. I guess that's not true. It hits me just about every time I go over the Manhattan Bridge on the way to work. It hits me every time I turn around on Sixth Avenue after getting out of the West 4th Street Subway station and I see the Empire State Building towering above everything else. It hits me when I realize I don't have a car and how much I enjoy that (Yesterday, I bought groceries a short walk from my apartment, Saturday, I did laundry and picked up some things at the hardware store across the street; A car was not involved in either of these things).

I'm trying to take it all in. I'm trying to make sure I remember to stop and smell the roses. I'm trying not to take it all for granted. I'm trying to remember how hard I worked at getting here in the first place. But, I'm also trying to remember why I came here.

So, here it is. Another entry in the series, "Why I moved to New York," or simply "Why NYC?"

I moved here to network. Sure I could have done that in NC. Just the other day I got an add from an NC based production company on two separate social networking sites that I frequent, one of them itself based in NC. I'll probably contact them at some point and check out their work. Since moving here however, I've met two different film makers, another composer and found out that a good piano player friend of mine has moved here too (On a whim! The crazy son of a gun just picked up and came here, and here I sat planning for 9 months!). I also already have a gig lined up writing music for a short film of a friend who goes to NYU. Imagine the networking opportunities there! How many film students do you think will see his film and hear my music?

And also, the luckiest thing of all, the best "right place, right time" story of this whole episode is the job I've been working for the past three weeks. If I get it, it could be the best networking opportunity of all of them. The job with Technicolor is, if I haven't mentioned to you all, a job working as a projectionist for their theater rooms which serve all of their clients who come there for film processing and coloring. These clients have included the likes of Marty Scorsese, Ron Howard, Woody Allen, and various other stars. I saw freakin' Meryl Streep the other day (Didn't meet her though as she was sitting in the theater room watching dailies of her hair and make-up test reel for some movie that is still being filmed). Still, that's just cool.

Anyhow, not to get all star-struck or anything. Point being, this could be invaluable. So, I'm really hoping I get it and I want everyone to be thinking about me in the next week as I cross my fingers. My last day with them is Friday and after that they should let me know soon, hopefully. Meanwhile, a friend that I've made since moving here is going to be on her spring break next week so maybe I'll get a nice break and have someone to show me around the city a little more. And maybe it won't rain every day.

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