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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bikram yoga and my hermit lair...

I guess the one good thing about it being so hot in my apartment is that I got to experience what Bikram Yoga must be like tonight without having to pay for a class. Seriously, the pipe for the radiators gives off enough heat that I don't have to open the valves at all. Nor would I.

I stayed in tonight and watched three episodes of Dexter. I stayed in on Saint Patty's Day. I got my fill of Irish festivities today at the parade on fifth avenue.

St. Patty's Day Parade

That was enough for me. Besides, it costs a lot more money here to drink Guinness at a pub and pretend like I have some idea what this holiday is all about, when it has to be more than just wearing green and getting obliterated on a weeknight.

While I was there in Manhattan, my blinds finally came but FedEx wouldn't leave them because I obviously wasn't here to sign for them. They'll attempt to deliver again tomorrow, so I'll more than likely stay here at the apartment all day. This is good. I have one and a half more cover letters to write and some resumes to tweak. Each job is slightly different in such a way that I can't get away with writing the same cover letter (at least not all the same) nor can I just haphazardly chuck out my usual resume. So, being forced to stay in and work on it is a good thing.

I'll probably break the day up a little bit with an early jog (I mean it this time) and some riffing. I've got a composing gig after all. A composer whom I met through Farah has asked me to score a 24 second spot for a competition he's submitting for. If he wins, it'll be a Chipotle commercial...and there might be pay in that case. Excited about that. The turnaround is March 31st so I've got a little bit of time to knock it out too. Not much though.

I'm feeling a lot better about making myself stay in and not whining or griping or just generally complaining (whatever it is I was doing days ago) about not being social. That will come. I have at least three open offers out to get drinks and I was supposed to have been hanging out with Columbia U. friend who is on spring break this week. And that girl who I asked out, turns out she was out of town with a broken Blackberry and now she has less than 10 days to find a new apartment and move. So, I feel comfortable putting all that nonsense on the back burner for now.

I'm actually enjoying being a hermit. After all, I'm being productive for a change. And the thing I've always known about productivity, is that the more productive you are the more productive you become. It's like gaining momentum.

Sure, staying inside isn't that bad. And tomorrow the apartment will be that much more comfortable when those mini blinds get here. I won't have to worry about putting a shirt on just to walk into the other room and get the lights.

Daoust, out.

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