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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Making a nest

I stayed in tonight on purpose because I've been advised to by a bunch of people. It's not just in the interest of saving money, though that is a factor (I had to mail my paycheck to Raleigh because it won't go direct deposit until the second time around...so, naturally, I'm a little strapped for cash). The main reason is to just spend time in this apartment making it a home and making it comfortable. I wanted people to come over almost immediately to see the place and hang out with me but I didn't quite realize that it's just not ready yet. I have to get comfortable here, first before I can start inviting people into my space.

Incidentally, my life is a bit like that right now. I wanted to start meeting people and getting around town, maybe even dating a little, since it's been so long since I've allowed myself that. But until I have everything sorted out job-wise and until my apartment is comfortable, I can't really do that. I mean I could but it could get awkward. And besides, dating, going out with friends, all that stuff can get expensive, especially dating. So, I'm saving my money and staying in with a flick or two while I sporadically continue to hang posters on the wall. Check out the latest photo album for shots of the living room/kitchen.

More photos of the apartment

The bedroom is still a mess. I'm going to pick up a dresser tomorrow from a friend of a friend. In this city, there are a fair number of people with vans or trucks who hire themselves out to help people move things, furniture, etc. I did a little research but wound up, in the end, going with a guy who Karishma used a few months ago to help her move some stuff into her apartment in Crown Heights. Essentially, the best of them, the ones who don't want to charge you a flat-no-matter-what rate, will actually ask you all the variables, i.e. number of items, from where to where, how many flights of stairs, how many people helping move (as in: do they need to bring an extra hand?), etc. and give you a quote based on that. I heard flat rate quotes from $100 down to $65 before I decided to give this guy Karishma used a call. He quoted me $45 to move one dresser down one flight of stairs, drive from Long Island City to Sunset Park and toss said dresser into a first floor apartment. Not bad, eh?

So that's tomorrow. I'm also spending the day with a friend who's sister is coming into town and wants to do touristy things. I'm so excited. Touristy things. I haven't really done that since I've been here and it's been a month (as of today). It's been mostly walking around and looking at things in the cold. Which has been nice. Even today, though it wasn't cold, I did some walking around. I walked from the 36th street stop on the D train to my apartment, going through Sunset Park (the neighborhood's namesake park not the neighborhood itself) and stopping along the way at a grocery store to pick up something last minute for dinner tonight. I'm glad I finally saw the park because, hazy though it was, they weren't kidding about the view from the park of Manhattan. It's one of the highest points in Brooklyn and it probably gets gorgeous views of the sunset, hence it's name. You can see the Statue of Liberty, almost all of New York Bay and lower Manhattan's skyscrapers all lining the horizon above the rows of Brooklyn apartment buildings. You can even still see the Empire State Building up the East River. I'm sorry I didn't have my camera. I'll go pack and take a panoramic shot.

I might not have gone through there today, but I decided to improvise when the train conductor announced that the D train would run along the N train's track after 36th Street, one stop before I was going to get off. He gave some convoluted solution that involved riding all the way down to the Coney Island stop and catching a Manhattan bound train back. I opted for the walk even though I had ice cream in my bag from Target (Ben and Jerry's was on sale for 2.79 a pint, I had to).

Anyway, I have a chicken in the oven that I should check on. Might be done. I'll probably take some pictures of my escapades tomorrow, though I have no idea what we'll be doing.

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