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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why, oh why, bureaucracy? Why, oh why, faceless institution?

Man, am I talkative today. I really would like to punch Time Warner Cable in the face. First i fax a request for a free month of cable (on my realty agency) and then I wait. Then I call and find out that they're not servicing my building at present so I put in a request for serviceability at the suggestion of the person on the phone. Then I wait some more, meanwhile, furtively stealing internet from my neighbors in the building. Finding that I can't upload files to my website today, I get frustrated and I finally call them back to check on it, feeling proud with my 9 digit confirmation number and everything, and they tell me, flat out, that it looks like they're not servicing my area and that I need to call Cablevision. Someone could have effing told me!!!!!!!!

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