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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Park Slope and it's many attractions...

Good morning. I know. It's afternoon. Haven't left the house yet, haven't had lunch yet. I've just been working on the computer all morning. Working on becoming a ChaCha guide. I had to take a test where I answered ten questions that were submitted by ChaCha users. Took a while, too, to get up to ten. I think I'm going to have to figure out when the peak times are if I'm going to make this lucrative at all.

Exciting news is that tomorrow, bless this freecycle phenomenon, I'm going to pick up a used A/C unit from someone in Park Slope. I just think that's awesome. Now, I feel way more comfortable putting up those blinds on freecylce, the ones that were too short for my windows. It's karma in action is what it is. I give away a printer that I can't use and I wind up with a free DVD player. I love it. And it's so much better than throwing things away. I hope it really catches on. Looks like it has. 4,709 groups with 6,565,000 members worldwide. Pretty cool, huh?

Yesterday, I met Karishma in Grand Army Plaza (it's pretty cool having a triumphal arch a few subway stops away) for a stroll through Prospect Park. We were planning it specifically because of the weather but, even as I sat whiling the time away with my cousin in Union Square earlier that day, the clouds were rolling in. It was still a bit of a shock when I surfaced on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn to see a gray sky and feel a light mist starting to fall. We still went for our walk though all the way down to the lake and back up Washington Avenue until we reached the Eastern Parkway stop on the 2/3, right by the Brooklyn Museum, which we might go and see next Saturday (free every first Saturday of the month). Then we went to Target to pick up some things and then went back to Karishma's to have dinner and watch movies. The usual fare.

Karishma took more pictures than I did so I'll wait until she sends me hers to post the album up. For now, I've gotta go enjoy the weather...it appears to be nicer outside than it was yesterday evening. Laters.

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