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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I need to cover my windows

Too frazzled to blog right now. But I will say this:

Finding mini blinds should not be this hard...don't go to Azpartsmaster.com. They take forever to ship and they don't send you the traditional confirmation email. I've been waiting and waiting for any mail to come and it occurred to me I never got a shipping confirmation on them. So, I thought maybe the order didn't go through and I reordered. Now I have to call them tomorrow and cancel one or both of the orders. I'd love to just walk into a store here and buy them. Maybe I'll try that next. That or curtains.


  1. http://www.curbly.com/Chrisjob/posts/6217-how-to-custom-window-films

    you should totally do this instead of curtains, it's cheaper, and you can change it out if you get bored with it

  2. Thanks, Jax. I'm having trouble finding a place that sells a cheap window film that comes in a roll long enough that I don't have to cut extra pieces. My windows are 6 feet high. Argh. Any more advice on where to find it? Websites, etc?

  3. Tim, try just regular craft type contact paper that you can get at Walmart, Target, or teacher supply stores. How wide do you need it? They do make it in wide widths. I'll google around later, but right now we are heading out for Mia's piano lesson and my cello lesson. I have been telling her about how you learned to play piano when you were young and how awesome you are now. She says 'he's probably more ig-mazing-er than me!'