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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spring cleaning...

After putting together some additional music tags for the trailer for "The Life" yesterday, knocking out five voice over auditions total, and cooking my meals for the week and cleaning the kitchen, I decided it was time to clean.  I know it's not spring yet but I've dubbed it a kind of spring cleaning.

I kinda just wanted a lot of the shit in here, out of here.  In the process though, I'm digging up all kinds of weird stuff.  Mostly mementos and old notebooks filled with my scribblings before I figured out what a blessing my Google account and things like productivity apps for to do lists were.  I found old school supplies, massive amounts of pens and pencils (most of them unsharpened...I don't even own a pencil sharpener in this mess!), that I realized I also don't need because I don't write things down on paper anymore.  I'm much more organized than I was five years ago when I first moved here.  I used to write down to-do lists, phone numbers, notes about pieces I was writing and my budget all in the same notebook with no rhyme or reason to the organization of it all.  It certainly helps to write things down for various reasons, but ultimately, what you're left with, I've found out over the years, is piles and piles of scrap paper and notebooks you may never look at again...until you go to throw them out, er, recycle them.

Now, granted, all this stuff is sitting on a shelf minding it's own business and collecting dust, so why do I need so badly to purge this stuff?  I think it's mostly psychological.  Cleaning makes me feel lighter and like I could be more efficient with my space.  And that's actually one of the other reasons for it.  I plan on buying some new furniture, specifically a bed and mattress, and I don't think half the shit under my bed right now will fit under there anymore once I get a whole new bed (at least with the one I'm looking at).

But of course, that's how it started.  Then afterward, the thought of having nothing under my bed, or at least far less than I have under there now, was too tempting.  Then I start thinking about things like clothes I don't wear anymore, the fact that I plan on buying some new clothes soon and I need to make room for them.  This is the point at which this becomes an all day project.

And it's perfect.  I have beer in my fridge and it's 23 degrees outside and I don't have to work today.  As busy as I usually am, I decided to take this as a gift from the universe and use it for the purpose of sorting out my life.

It has extended even to cleaning up my laptop and my PC a little even, backing up old files I don't need and clearing space.  It's all, all of it, sort of gearing me up to maximize my productivity. Clutter drives me insane and having this place clutter free, both my physical room and the computers that I do my work on, is going to feel so good.  And then I can focus again.  Finally. 

And so then I dive in.  But for now, I gotta get back to this.  My bed is covered in things I'm deliberating on at the moment...old tax documents, a box full of mementos from when I first moved here until now, a neat little moleskin notebook I never did anything with and a 2011 calendar with pics of one of my sister's kids.  I don't need a 2011 calendar anymore but I do need cute pics of my niece and nephews.  No idea what to do with that yet.  

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