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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nicaragua day 3: massages and coconuts...

I got a massage and hacked open a coconut with a machete.   Not in that order though.  Yesterday was pretty low key.  Things are getting more and more lax as the week goes on. Yesterday evening's class started late because Mariangel's massage started late.   But that facilitated some gorgeous sunset shots.

Class usually happens right when the sun is setting so this was a treat. 

This morning we started meditation and subsequently class a little later because we were all chatting over coffee.  (And now I'm drinking coffee more and more everyday despite what it usually does to me. I feel fine though). It's kinda nice how unstructured we can be.  We might have gone zip-lining in the afternoon yesterday but no one signed up but me.  As a result, I just had my massage then went on a solo walk down to the river that spills out onto the beach that I'd heard so much about. It was so beautiful down there.

Then I met up with a few of my friends here and got them to snap a few photos of me in the water.  

One of them has a go pro camera she said she'd let me use to take some photos and video.  So that should be nice.  I'm making all kinds of new friends here and everyone is getting along great. My roommates and I has a little impromptu headstand workshop and goofy photo session and watched "Orange is the New Black" for a little bit last night before going to bed.   

Class has been really great and getting better every day. The first few meditation sessions were a tiny bit frustrating for me because I couldn't get comfortable. My left leg, the one with the bum knee was feeling pinched in the normal cross legged seat I choose for sitting. But today I stretched out before sitting and it was much better.  I'm already noticing a change in my general energy level each day.  We're doing a good 2 1/2 hours of practice each day.  The longer class being in the morning.  And we're having it in the most beautiful pavilion, directly above the kitchen and higher than most of the cabanas.  

The views, the divine breeze (when it's not tossing things around up there) and the smells wafting up from the kitchen, all make it hard to concentrate sometimes... But also hard not to smile at the beauty of it all.  

Today we are going into town for lunch and to walk around and shop.  I'm going to try and find nail clippers while I'm at it.  

We were all kind of talking about how we haven't needed our wallets until today and how nice it is not to carry them around.  I have spent money on a massage that was so inexpensive I was able to tip over 50% and that's it.  I still have about 750 cordobas and a good amount of American dollars I haven't spent.  So I should have plenty for today. 

I'm planning on taking a ton of pictures out in town today.  So stay tuned.  

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