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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nicaragua, day 4, pt. 2: horses...

I have never galloped on a horse before.  Until this afternoon.  After I frantically posted that last blog I went down and found Gonzalo and we waited for the three girls that were joining us for the ride. He handed us straw hats and led us down the driveway and around a corner to where the horses were tied up.  When we asked their names they said we could give them names.  I forgot to check the gender of my horse though so I basically rode through Nicaragua on a horse with no name.  It felt good to be out of the rain.

Mounting them, we took off down the path toward the beach, needing only a brief lesson.  For me it's been more than 20 years since I've ridden.   I did okay though, and never lost the reins once. Slowly, I got the hang of controlling the horse, too. 

Not sure how far we'd be riding, I was a little surprised when the horses turned, on their own, down a path I hadn't seen before that left from the beach and dove into the forest.  Somewhere in there, I finally heard the howler monkeys.  Their call having been almost perfectly impersonated by Vera the other day.  Did not yet glimpse them though, disappointingly.  

The path led to an open pasture with cows grazing.   Other horses, unsaddled, stood on the path and paid us no mind.  We went on to the road that leads to town and followed it to the next beach over, Playa el Coco.  A lazy beach with a few restaurants and houses.  One hotel with a tiny pool, as well. When we got out onto the beach, a few kicks got my horse galloping and we were off!  My hat flew back around my neck and I woo-ed out loud, one fist in the air as we flew down the beach.  So much fun!  After a few pics and some sauntering and galloping, we trotted back to the road.  

The horses must've known we were on our way back because all of a sudden, my horse and Maya's broke into a gallop again.  In fact for most of the ride back, they wouldn't stop!  It took until we got back to the path that led to the beach for them to finally slow to a pace that would not hurt our asses so much.  That last leg of the ride was so pleasant. 

The light was just perfect for taking pictures, so I rode for most of it with my iPhone out, trying desperately to get my horse to stop for just a second whenever I saw a good shot. But I got enough.  In fact, I'm getting so many good pics with everyone that there's talk of me being the official trip photographer.  

I think I'd be okay with that.  :) 

On the way back in, we galloped again on our beach, Playa Escameca.  More woo-ing ensued, to the point that people up at the house could hear us.  They were holding class for us and gave us ten minutes to get settled back in and restore the feeling in our legs.   Which was nice. Considering I wasn't even sure we'd make it in time.  Gonzalo even joined us for class this time.  
Now I'm sitting out on the lower deck relaxing and listening to the ocean.  A gorgeous day.  A halfway point.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.    

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