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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back to life, back to reality...

Update: I most certainly did not make my connecting flight in Miami.  I might have, had I not bought a bottle of rum at the duty free shop that I was told had to be checked when I got to Miami. Can't carry on duty free liquids, Tim.  

Our flight leaving Managua was delayed over an hour due to late arrival of the aircraft so by the time I got to Miami and through customs, it was far too late for me to check the bag with the rum in it on the flight...I would have made it perhaps but my bag wouldn't have.  So I grudgingly threw out the rum, but the added time that I spent debating what to do about that before ultimately throwing it out screwed me over and for the first time in my life, I arrived at the gate as they were closing the doors.  Worst feeling ever.  I wound up getting on the very next flight but not before calling American Airlines and trying to get on the last one of the evening because I was under the impression, as per one of my friends testimonies, that that next flight was indeed full. (She had changed her flight while still in Nicaragua...something I didn't think to do because I checked in online and did not know the flight leaving Managua was delayed until I arrived at the gate and after I had bought the damn bottle of rum.)  

The flight, the 8:35 to LGA, was not full, but finding this out took me calling the rebooking hotline, finding out I was on the stand-by list for the 9:10 to JFK (the final one of the evening), setting up a flight for the next day just in case I couldn't get on, actually going to the gate for the 9:10 and then having the gate agent tell me I was already confirmed for the 8:35 flight and that I just had to run over there and get them to give me a seat.  
My friends all had to wait for their baggage to go through customs and then recheck their bags so they probably knew sooner than I did that they weren't making our original flight, the 7:15.  Trying not to still be upset about the bottle of 7 year Flor de Caña Rum, I realized I probably could have saved it if I'd just kept my head and accepted I was going to miss my flight instead of stupidly trying to make it.  

Anyway, as I walked around the other day, doing errands, my thoughts turned to it again and, as I looked up, there happened to be a liquor store right across the street from me.  And they carried that same brand of rum...only just the 4 year bottle.  It'll do.  

What won't do, however, is this @#$!ing snow.  It took vacationing in the middle of winter in a tropical place and coming back to a snow storm to make me finally hate snow.  I found myself trudging through it and thinking how it felt the same as trudging through sand...if I closed my eyes...and imagining I was still on that beach.    

The shock to my system is pretty intense and I'm just now coming around, as I think I got gluten-ed on the way back, in addition. Stomach no like-y.  Even felt feverish.  Could have something to do, as well, with the 70 degree drop in temperature.  

At any rate, I got back in the swing of things today, calling in sick today from TruTV, actually meditating (taking things learned from the trip into account) and doing yoga at home, rocking out some voice over auditions and doing some laundry to clean sheets, soaked by the leak in my ceiling...above my bed.  Yeah, that happened.  New York apartment living.  FML.  

I'm almost back at 100% but still feeling bummed.  What should make me happy though is that I still have a few prospects to apply myself toward.  Another film music/theme composing opportunity has come into my sights.  While I was away I got an email from a friend about an opportunity she heard about, so I've already contacted that person and now I wait.  Also, the friend for whom I composed years ago and who is now editing a feature length film, should be finishing the edit soon so I'm trying to keep on him.  

So, lots to occupy my mind.  Unfortunately, nothing to report yet.  Just winter doldrums and such.  I thought I saw more single digits on the weather forecast.  Ugh.  Gotta run for now.  

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