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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nicaragua, day 4: it all runs together...

I've been out on the beach again, swimming and trying to tan but the wind blows the sand so much it's hard to get comfortable for too long.  A few more friends joined us and we had an obligatory handstand photo shoot with Lea's waterproof Nikon.  Then we swam in that river I showed you for a bit before laying out some more further from the tide, as it had washed right up to where we were.

Earlier this morning, I dragged myself out of bed at 6:30 to see if Lea was jogging on the beach.  Thought I might join her but instead enjoyed the solitude and took these pictures.  

The geology out there is fascinating.  

There's a cave carved into the rocks by the tide.  

Check out more on my Google plus page.  I'm not going to post many more until I get back.  

Anyway, town was tons of fun yesterday. We rode first to a small roadside restaurant still out in the country and had an amazing meal. 

First stop in town after lunch was a hike up to the giant Jesus statue on one of the ridges surrounding the harbor.  Incredible views.  

Afterward we went down and walked around town.  I bought a few things and hung out with my roommates.  

I really want to write more about it but horse back riding is imminent.  Can't miss that.  

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