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Monday, January 13, 2014

Nicaragua, day 1, pt. 2: hammocks...

There is no shortage of hammocks here.... We'll actually that's not true.  There are at least four in my line of sight when I stand on the porch of our cabana.  One is on our porch, the next one down belongs to the cabana below us and two more are on the deck of one of the common areas where we were last night when we arrived.  This is where I sit now. Mine was occupied by my roomies. when I came back from lunch.  And I really just wanted somewhere nice to sit and maybe fall asleep.  But here I'm writing again.  Don't worry Paul, I have been doing a fair bit of disconnecting.  I just am so excited to report back a lot of what I'm seeing and hearing.   Which is mostly exotic plant life and critters but also things like horses whinnying on the beach.  Yes, horses.  I may have to ride a horse.

As of now, we've had one meditation session and one amazing yoga class this morning and there's another in about an hour.  This morning's breakfast was gluten free pancakes and fresh fruit (papayas, melons, white pineapples and the best bananas I have ever tasted...seriously. Must not have been the typical yellow cavendish banana we get in the States.). Filled up on all that, we all went down to the beach.  I posted the pics earlier on Facebook.  I tanned for a tiny bit, but, ever nervous about the effectiveness of my slathering of sunscreen, I decided to get up and in the water.  I scraped my knee on a rock though but that didn't deter me from going further out once I cleaned up the wound.  Nick and Shannan, the couple, were the only ones really wading far out so, wanting to fully submerge myself, I joined them and listened to them talk about their chances of catching some good waves.  

It all kind of got me thinking about surfing. And how I really want to try it.  There is a resident surf instructor named Kit who will take us out some day and give us a lesson.  Natalie, one of the ones who rode down with us from the airport, already went with him to surf.  

Tonight after dinner though, it's sea turtles.  I'll update again and hopefully have moonlit pics of the little guys.   

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