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Friday, January 17, 2014

Nicaragua, day 5: next beach...

Today we go to another nearby beach where there are some bars and surfing and we'll have lunch.  We're leaving in about an hour so that gives me time to make a decision about my attire.  Am I going to wear a bathing suit so I can surf and/or swim? Or am I going to keep on the comfortable clothing I just sort of slid into after breakfast this morning so that I can just chill and walk around?  I'm leaning toward the latter.  Horses really took it out of me and despite sleeping for a good 7 1/2 hours and despite feeling slightly better after yoga class, I'm still feeling pretty spaced out.  I think I'm okay with it though.

Nick and Shannan are perennially enthused about surfing such that I wonder if I'm missing out on something I might enjoy.  Not sure there'll be another chance on this trip.   But I am, however, absolutely certain that I would either find myself in a situation where I could learn to surf again, come here again, or do another yoga retreat.  

So I'm choosing not to look at it as missing out.  I mean, I freaking galloped on a horse yesterday.  I didn't miss shit.  

Do another yoga retreat.   Yes, of course I would. Playing around with the thought in my head, this morning and talking with Nick over coffee, I saw myself doing at least one a year.   I proved to myself already that I could pull together the money for it and I obviously can take the time from work.  

This has been such an incredible time and it's nowhere near over.  It has, in a way, reminded me of church camp growing up, only cheesy Christian songs are replaced by Sanskrit chants we only do at the beginning of class and the "worship" is replaced with a physical activity and spiritual practice that has meant more to me than church ever did.  On top of that, the phenomenon of close friendships made in a short period of time  is heightened and there are far more fun things to do and see.  And there's an element of local culture, too, that one could only find vacationing in a foreign place.  

So there. Yoga retreat just kicked church camp's ass.  

Having just the right balance of structure and relaxation has been key as well. I would definitely go on one of their retreats again.  And specifically theirs.  Another point Nick and I touched on this morning was that their style at Yoga for Bad People is right up our alley.  It's been very chilled out here.  Alcohol if you want it, skip class if you're tired and a very "no one's perfect" kinda vibe.  

With that said? I'm gonna get ready to go to Playa Hermosa. More later.  

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