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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Miami to Managua...

From earlier today:

Up in the air and over Cuba, I think.  This flight has been relatively painless.  It wasn't even all that hard to get up at 5 and get out the door.  My driver was waiting for me the second I opened my front door, the BQE was almost completely traffic-less and other than the kiosk not printing out both of my boarding passes, everything at LaGuardia went super smooth.  

Now the excitement really builds.  I'm officially out of the country.  I haven't yet met any of the other yogis but I singled a few of them out at the gate in Miami.  I imagine I will approach them when I get to Managua.   I had to check my bag for the second leg of the trip unfortunately because cramming my sweater and jacket in there in the bathroom at Miami International airport pushed the height dimension of the bag over the limit. But I was happy to change.  You can't imagine how wide was my grin at hearing the captain on our first flight announce the weather in Miami a balmy 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Now I see out my window turquoise waters and tiny atolls I've only ever glimpsed the likes of in photographs. This world I've only ever witnessed vicariously is about to become extremely real to me.  More when I land if I can manage.  

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