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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sushi and Sake

I say I've been trying not to go out on purpose to avoid spending money and for the most part I have succeeded. This weekend though, I wanted to get out and be social and had several opportunities. They were, however, for the most part, free or cheap excursions, all except this evening's.

Yesterday, Karishma and I met a friend of hers from Greensboro and went to the Brooklyn Museum together. First, we went to a restaurant called Tom's Restaurant, a famous greasy spoon diner with apparently legendary egg creams and lime rickeys as well as breakfast served all day. The line out the door is ridiculous but the proprietors have come up with a genius scheme to avoid having people get turned off by the line: They send servers out onto the street, up and down the line of potential customers serving them coffee and snacks so they'll stay until the wait is up. I thought it was pretty cool. The food was pretty standard, the sausage was pretty darn good and we were well stuffed by the time we finished.

We were off to the Brooklyn Museum, which is free every first Saturday of the month. Except it's not free until 5pm. It was almost 3pm at this point so we took Karishma's friend for a stroll past Grand Army Plaza (a favorite spot of mine in Brooklyn) and down to 7th avenue to hit up a place called Tea Lounge. Exactly what it sounds like and brimming with hipsters. Good tea though. I had the gunpowder green tea.

The museum was nice. They have a massive collection there and we must have spent two and a half hours there perusing it. A whole floor devoted to European paintings, lots of modern art as well as American art from the colonial period on. The coolest, to me, was an entire section devoted to the history of Brooklyn containing reconstructions of old houses. Pics:

Brooklyn Museum Favorites

I spent the rest of the evening in, lounging around and watching Law and Order. This afternoon, though, Karishma and I fashioned two halves of a picnic and met in Prospect Park. I got there first and wandered around for a bit. It was so crowded but it was great to see everyone out enjoying the weather. When she called and said she was just out of the subway, I told her I'd come meet her because she'd never find me in the park. It was like a Where's Waldo book out there on the lawn. Seriously. After lounging for a good bit we walked to the circle on the southwest side of the park and parted as I got on the F to head back home so I could change out of my dirty pants (the ground was not exactly dry) and then head back into Manhattan for my cousin's birthday dinner.

Farah had picked out this Sushi place called Yuka on 2nd avenue between 80th and 81st streets. This place has an incredible all you can eat sushi thing going on (that is not a buffet). $20.95 and you can eat all the Sushi you want. They aren't kidding...and incidentally neither was Farah. She kept egging us on to get the deal. So we all did. They had ground rules however, the basic gist being if anyone at your table not ordering the all you can eat sushi deal eats off your plate, they end up having to pay the $20.95 as well (so you might as well all get it and don't try to share one price), if you don't eat something that you ordered, you get charged $1 for every piece and $2 for every roll that you don't eat. Crazy, huh? Well, that just meant the pressure was on to eat everything they brought us. Farah insisted on getting more and more each time, and that we be adventurous (even though she's vegetarian and couldn't eat, for example, the eel rolls) so I'm almost certain we got our money's worth because we ate every bit of it. This was probably the most sushi I have ever eaten in one sitting. Certainly, it was the most diverse palate of flavors as well. We had everything from regular salmon rolls, mackerel and yellowfin tuna, spicy tuna, avocado rolls (incidentally the best I've ever had), to the more unique pickled radish, pickled carrot, squid, baby octopus rolls and plum and mint leaf hand rolls (that last one was weird). And we topped it all off we a couple pitchers of hot sake, which, I'm finding, is the best way to have it.

Stuffed as we were, we decided that we should walk from 81st down to 59th street to walk it all off. We stopped at one point at a bar to have another drink, some sports bar called the Stumble Inn, how pertinent.

And now, after an hour long subway ride back to Brooklyn, here I sit typing this. So that was a good weekend. I'm hoping to have more of those as time goes on now that I have a little bit more peace of mind having at least one job in the bag. I calculated and if I work two weeks at full time to train, as long as I get my full pay during training, then that should be just enough to cover rent. Not bad, eh?

Tomorrow I have to take a drug test for said job and mail in a rebate form for a new phone I bought on Saturday. I gave in and went to Verizon and begged for them to let me upgrade early. They obliged because I've been with them for four years now. The phone has a touch screen and only ran me $50 with the preferred pricing. Again, not bad, eh?

All that having been said, I'm tired and it's late.

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