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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Here comes the sun...

Staying in tonight and I thought I'd catch up on a little blogging. The week at NY 1 was pretty fun. I started to jump in and get my hands on the equipment around the second day and now I'm feeling pretty confident that I've got my mind wrapped around the work flow there.

My job as a Media Ingest Operator is essentially to field calls from the producers, the assignment desk, traffic (basically the people who deal with all of our incoming ads), the reporters and cameramen in the field and anyone else who either wants us to put video into our database, take it out, or send it to somebody else. So I'm answering the phone a lot. I keep wanting to say, "Master" as in master control, like my old job, when I pick up the phone too when I should be saying, "Ingest."

This week was almost entirely 8pm to 4am shifts until Friday when I worked a 130pm to 930pm shift. Next week it's all 330pm to 1130pm. Then, my training is over and I start working three to four days a week.

My friend Katherine is visiting town with her boyfriend this weekend so, after work Friday night, I met them in the Village around Broadway and Spring. From there, where they were staying at this huge apartment/publishing house office where Kat used to work, we went on to the Lower East Side and met some more of her friends at this one dive bar that we didn't end up going into. Instead we crossed the street to this country bar called Mason Dixon. They seriously had a mechanical bull. I didn't stay too long past 1am.

This morning I had to meet back up with Katherine to get my bag and we walked around the Village a little again and then headed up to the MOMA. I've been and didn't want to drop the cash, so I decided to head up to Central Park and while away the time in the sun. The great lawn and just about every green space was covered with New Yorkers enjoying the sun. There are some eight million people in the city, and I'm pretty sure they were all in the park today. Here's a good look at some shots I took, not just in Central Park but also on my way uptown with Katherine and Matt.

Central Park and others

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