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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The right frame of mind and a film set...

It's a day after my birthday. As a kid, I always saw my birthday as this perfect day that nothing could touch and no matter what happened I'd be, at the very least, in good spirits. Now that I've come to terms with how incredibly naive that is, and now that I know that such states of mind have to be worked at, it still bums me out that yesterday wasn't the good day that I hoped it would be. My cousin did buy me lunch and ice cream, which was nice, and we walked around her old neighborhood of Murray Hill, but then I got sick at work and left early, which irks me for several reasons. First, because I know I shouldn't be drinking caffeine because of what it does to my stomach, second, because I should have been able to stand staying at work and toughing it out, and third, because inevitably it's going to look bad because I left work on my birthday. Granted, I was only training and there was someone there to cover the shift, but it looks like a royal cop out. And now, I'm fighting off frustration with myself because I'm about to talk myself out of going to a casting call tomorrow because I don't want to deal with the stress of trying to cram a train ride to Queens and back to Manhattan all between the hours of 11am and 3pm. But I need to do this and I can't talk myself out of it. I just have to buck up and do it. To hell with my frame of mind.

All that aside, I'm planning on having a nice weekend. My folks'll be up briefly from Thursday through Friday and Saturday night my poker friends are having a pot luck and poker night. Should be fun.

Today, right now, I'm getting ready to leave to pick up some stuff from a freecylcer on the Lower East Side. Phone cord to use for making a homemade antenna. Ha, then tomorrow, is the casting call I'm going to attend to try and get some work as an extra.

On a random note, before I go, I keep seeing the coolest thing from the train window as I'm crossing the Manhattan bridge: they're filming in Chinatown! I first noticed that there were Chinese lanterns strung across the streets a few days ago and then started to notice film lights set up on huge cranes and then, last night, they had some kind of confetti looking stuff in the air, supposedly simulating precipitation of some sort, maybe snow, I couldn't tell. I'm not only excited because this is the first time I've stumbled (so to speak) onto a film set, but because it means people are filming in NYC again and hopefully Technicolor will get some business. Granted, this is just one film and it needs to be several more before they get busy enough to need me again. Whatever though. It makes me happy.

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