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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blurb #7

Just got back from interview #2. Feeling pretty confident. Still haven't heard from Technicolor. Meanwhile, enjoying the neighborhood but I must figure out how to ask in Chinese if I they sell chickens without heads at the Asian market I go to. Also, I must learn what beef pizzles are. I have some idea what they might be but refuse to believe anyone would eat that. Anyway, they must know me by now at that market because I'm there once every couple of days. How can I stay away when a pound of strawberries is $1.73? Pretty soon, I'll be known as the guy who always has his own canvas bag, "Mr. No Bag." That or I'll be known as the only white man who goes in there. I caused a stir in there the other day because the line was so busy the cashier didn't look up when I came to the counter which resulted in her giving me my total in Chinese before looking up when I paused and laughing when she realized why I didn't answer her. "70 cent," she said.

Here's some photos from the past two excursions of mine:

Prospect Park and Brooklyn Bridge II

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  1. Jim says, "Tell them that the chicken is smiling at you."