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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Brooklyn Unitarian Church...

The need for a sense of community in this new and strange place has been tugging at my sleeve since I unceremoniously rolled off the plane and onto the tarmac at LaGuardia airport on February 7th. Maybe not right that second, but it certainly is a long standing unfulfilled need. And I finally sought after its fulfillment this morning, at the suggestion of my mother, and went to the Brooklyn Unitarian Church, which I now realize I was extremely close to the other day during my post Brooklyn Bridge stroll around Brooklyn Heights. It's on Pierrpont Street between Clinton and Monroe a few steps away from the M/R subway stop at Court Street (and also a short walk to Trader Joe's, so I was able to work in a grocery trip as well).

The building is a Gothic revival church tucked away in a residential section of Brooklyn Heights. It's an amazingly beautiful neighborhood and the church is gorgeous, complete with a pipe organ that sounded amazing on Charles Marie Widor's Toccata from Symphony no. 5. After the service (and after the free coffee) I strolled back upstairs and photographed a few interesting features of the church.

Brooklyn UU

My curiosity was spotted by a member of the church who proceeded to tell me all about the church, seeming to be a bit of an expert on the history of the building. Further conversation revealed she was from Virginia and also came from a Baptist church upbringing like I did. Her daughter, however, had grown up in the UU church. They offered me one of the potted geraniums that were being handed out and welcomed me to return, which I will probably be doing as often as I can. The idea even occurred to me to see about joining the choir if they had a spot for a bass.

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