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Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring has sprung...

It's already hot as hell here...in my opinion, at least. 80 degrees is hot enough. Tomorrow, accuweather.com is saying that it's going to be 89 degrees. Then Wednesday it's going to be 65 and raining. See, we never get a real transitional period, at least not a pleasant one, like the ones I remember from my childhood. It's always just slightly warmer, but rainier and still too cold to put away the jacket and then, you get one day where the weather is perfect and then, suddenly, it's hot, and everywhere you go, you sweat.

It sounds an awful lot like I'm complaining. The weather, heat aside, yesterday was amazing. It's not even just the weather itself but what the weather precipitates: Hoards of people out enjoying the weather. The city felt alive this weekend. Bands in every square, people in sandals, girls in bikinis, ice cream, people laying in the grass, people sleeping in the grass. I enjoyed myself. I did have to work on Saturday but hung out with friends in Cobble Hill in the evening and played poker. Afterward, we went to a bar down the street with a terrace. In fact, the entire bar was a terrace. It was pretty cool.

It's slowly starting to creep in how cool it is, this city. I mean, I have this thought in my head that goes something like, "It's cool to live in New York City in the summer," but now I actually understand what that means. Sorry, can't really put it into words though.

On another less abstract note, I've met a filmmaker at work who knows a lot of musicians and filmmaker types and has sent me a list of people to get to know through myspace and facebook. It's pretty cool to be finally meeting people. One of them works with us as well, a girl in engineering who also plays the bass. We're talking about getting together and playing some, which should be cool. Now I have to contact these others and see what they're about. Oh, and it's laundry day.

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