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Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm 6, Noises Outside and Press Conferences...

I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up to near pandemonium.   I woke prematurely, having intended to nap until 7pm but I just lay in bed for a while.  What prompted me to get out of bed though was a loud bang from outside.  I rushed over to the window to try and see what had happened but was unable to see much beyond all the people on the opposite wing of the building peeking out their windows onto their balconies.  So whatever it was must have come from my my wing of the building.  The wind seems to be pretty fierce outside now.   I'm not even sure how high the water has gotten but I'm going to check soon.  Before I came back from work, someone said something about them expecting the water to rise high enough to reach 9th Avenue.  For reference, to those who don't know much about the area I'm in, 9th Avenue is the avenue I have to cross to get from the Dream Hotel to work.  Let's hope I can actually cross it later on tonight.

I read something on Facebook about a construction crane dangling near Columbus Circle and now I'm waiting for the press conference which is starting imminently.   The pictures look pretty crazy.  We have a tower cam at Columbus Circle aimed at the crane.  So far Bloomberg isn't talking about it yet.  Just general storm stuff.  I'll update more as soon as I see what it's doing outside.  I need to get dinner somehow.

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