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Monday, October 15, 2012

Creative clutter...

That's what my girlfriend calls it.  And I've actually started to embrace the amount of crap cluttering up my desk and my room in general.  I've never seen myself look so fondly upon a stack of wound up ethernet cables and bills sitting on my desk before.  What's come over me? 

I think I really just need things to happen right now and I can't spend any of my valuable time filing bills or restowing ethernet cables underneath my bed or just generally tidying up, dust be damned.  Why are there ethernet cables on my desk anyway?  Oh right, that's left over from the massive week long troubleshooting session to figure out what was wrong with my Macbook.  That's an interesting story. 

I just got it back from the Apple Store and it turns out what I had assumed was the almost worst case scenario, a fried airport card (worst would have been a fried logic board), turned out to only be a fried airport card cable.  The culprit.  Olives.  A few weeks ago, right before this wifi always cutting out and airport card not being recognized business, Alexa and I were at the Tippler eating an over large bowl of olives that we just couldn't finish.  One can only handle so many olives.  I just get thriftier around her perhaps and wasn't willing to send them back to the kitchen, though, to get trashed, so I asked if they had any kind of container I could carry them out in.  They produced, eventually, one of those plastic take out containers that you usually save because they're sturdy enough.  I mean, these things are supposed to snap tightly shut and everything.  But, no.  Olive oil leaked in my bag and some of it soaked into the neoprene case that I keep my laptop in inside my shoulder bag.  When I had the thing open the other day, I learned a little about the anatomy of the interior and located the airport card, cable and antenna.  Only the next day did it dawn on me that that was the exact corner of the laptop that was probably sitting in olive oil the whole ride home that night. 

At any rate, it only cost me $10 for the part and $40 for the labor.  And one OS reinstall that has set me back while I sit here and wait for all my files to be copied back over to my Macbook from my PC.  That's going to take all night and then I have to reinstall all of my audio software and that's going to take all day tomorrow.  With any luck by Wednesday, I'll be back at full operating status and going strong again.  And someday maybe I'll clean up this clutter...but it sort of becomes my state of mind right now. I don't need clean right now, I need focused.  But I also need, yes, sleep.  Eyes = Heavy. 

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