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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Well, I've determined, mostly beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my airport wireless card on my Macbook is fried.  I finally had a chance to reinstall the OS today since I had the genius idea the other night to backup the data on my Macbook on my PC.  The PC has a pretty big hard drive and the network proved to be the best way to transfer files.  I just left it going for a few hours and when I woke up this morning it was all safe on the PC. 

Reinstalling the OS did not help my situation however.  Now, there isn't even a message saying no airport card installed.  The wireless icon doesn't even appear on the information bar at the top of the screen.  So, that's that and I've made an appointment at the Apple Store on 14th Street for tomorrow afternoon. 

I really can't wait to have this situation taken care of.  It's hopefully going to be just a minor setback when all's said and done.  A minor setback that actually gave me some good perspective.  I've been trying to do too much lately.  Knowing that I would have less time to work in the next few days to weeks with my Macbook not fully functioning, I had to reexamine what was necessary to do right now and what could wait. 

The PSA music, the tracks I'm working on for the licensing agency...I was trying to push forward on these but I coudln't make any progress spending most of my free time trying to diagnose what was getting to be a bigger and bigger problem.  I wanted to finish the PSA within the week and also be able to submit as many as 20 tracks for licensing (when I really only have about 5 fully ready). by the end of November.  Neither of these things is going to happen now.   But knowing I couldn't possibly manage that made me reconsider what was absolutely necessary to do.  The deadline for the PSA is far off and I probably don't need to submit so much music for the initial offering to the agency. 

In fact, thinking about that number made me realize that not only is it not likely to be necessary to submit so much, submitting fewer pieces and not trying to make them so complex is going to pretty much guarantee a higher quality output. 

In the meantime, until I'm back up, what can I focus on now?  Voice Over.  I do that on my PC almost exclusively.  I only ever use the Macbook for it if I'm here at work and there's a job I absolutely have to audition for.  And that's rare.  So, unhindered there, I submitted to about 7 more auditions this week.  I've been highly selective but also I've been direct invited to two auditions by the same producer.  I'm not entirely sure what that means but perhaps it's a good thing. 

In addition, I've had a friend send off my demo to her agent and also followed up with an email.  I plan to call on Monday.  So, that's exciting, too.

Another thing I can focus on now, while my Macbook gets fixed tomorrow, is the excitement of potentially performing live with Lacy soon.   I know we'll be doing an open mic this Wednesday perhaps but now that she's officially a Brooklynite, we're talking about shows for November.  Updates on that shall ensue.

For now, I'm going to get back to the Walking Dead marathon on AMC.   

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