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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm 2...

The air was tense when I got here and it hasn't let up since.  Been watching the influx of my fellow employees with their suitcases, most of us preparing to hunker down in the Dream Hotel across the street.  I get out of here in just under an hour and I don't have to be back until 11pm tomorrow night for the overnight shift.  I had the presence of mind to buy a bottle of wine and an opener at the wine store downstairs just before they closed, so I'm prepared to stay up late partying with my co workers.  Should be a blast but I don't intend to drink nearly as much as I did at the gala the other night. 

The prognosis for this storm is sounding worse and worse, at least last I checked.  It seems the storm surge is the worst part of it for us, since we have high tide and the full moon making it potentially worse.  Plus, it's going to come in from the Verrazano straight and from Long Island sound into the harbor at the same time.  So it could get dicey. I'm not worried about my apartment in Brooklyn or this part of Manhattan but it might make for some good photos tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don't have any way of getting them off my camera unless I can get home.  Which I don't plan on doing.  I'll update more tomorrow morning or afternoon. 

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  1. Tim, you can email the photos right off your camera phone. I do it all the time. Dad