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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm 1...

Getting prepared to leave my apartment for what could be a couple of days.  It's now just under 6 hours until the MTA is going to shut down the entire system in order to get the trains to safety and the tunnels clear in case of flooding.  It's almost certain that I'll be staying in a hotel in the city tonight if not cabbing it home on the company's dime.  I just ran home to take care of a few things, not the least being the cat.  Also, it occurred to me in case the windows leak like the mushroom apartment last year, I'll want my guitar cases, which usually line the window wall next to my bed, out of the way.  Microphones and electronics too.  It also occurred to me to pack more food in addition to the several changes of clothes.  I work overnight Monday into Tuesday during the worst of it so I've been told for sure I'll have a hotel room after I get done Tuesday morning (possibly not until 8am!).

At any rate, it occurred to me that if I do end up stuck in the city, I'll have time to kill and not much to do (granted I'll have my lap top).  So, I'm bringing my camera and plan on documenting some things.  So watch up here for pics of what I see.  For now, that's all.  I'm going to give myself a little extra time to get into work in case there's a panic and the trains are running slow.  This should be exciting.  Meanwhile, here are some pics of the foreboding calm this morning from my kitchen window. 

Hurricane Sandy pre storm

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  1. Interested to hear what happens this year after last year's experience.