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Saturday, January 30, 2010

New York City Premier...

It occurred to me on the way to the screening of Peeper: A Sort of Love Story, that this screening was essentially going to be my New York City premier. Meaning, I haven't had any of my work shown publicly yet in the city, until now. So, it's definitely a turning point, a crossing-over. That realization, coming minutes prior to arriving, made the event that much more enjoyable for me. And what a night.

The screening was held at a screening room in one of HBO's buildings on Bryant Park, which doubled the excitement. Up on the 15th floor there were posters for the film lining the walls in glass cases, there was a stunning view of the Empire State Building out of the windows facing South and a modest spread of cheese and wine. Probably about 75 people showed up, at my best estimate, maybe more. The film was well received too, people laughing at the right times etc. and afterward the director, writer, and some of the actors held a Q&A session in the theater. Which was neat, plus I got my props, too, for saving the music.

Afterward, we all went to the Heartland Brewery around the corner and ate and drank for a few hours. I had to go to work, so I slipped out to have dinner elsewhere with a friend because I wasn't sure I'd have time to eat before having to be at work at 11pm. After eating though, I had time and my friend had to pack for a trip, so I ended up going back solo and mingling a little more. Mostly with friends of the writer and some of the actors.

Fun times. I almost wish I hadn't had to go to work that night. And I really wish I had brought my camera.

On Monday, I fly to Raleigh to stay for the week and visit with my folks, see my brother's new place in Boone, NC. Then when I get back we start the apartment hunting in earnest. More updates soon. Probably taking a week off from blogging.

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