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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not swine flu...

I ended my last post with "never a moment's rest," only to wind up with two full days of such in a twist of irony that started with me being convinced I had the swine flu and ended with me cleaning the living crap out of my apartment in a fit of cabin fever the likes of which I've not experienced in a long while. Luckily, it's not swine flu (my doc's not convinced, says it's probably just a stomach virus), I did have sick days I could use, and tomorrow I should be fit to wander back into society after a mostly peaceful and certainly restful couple of days.

But I'm not kidding, I seriously need to get out of this apartment. There's nothing like being shut in to help you realize how dirty your abode is. Add the impending move and that's about all you need to start scouring the place and throwing things out without any consideration. And I still don't feel like I've made a dent.

Indeed, I think I'm almost finished with the mix of that last cue for the film score, so I have made progress there. Hopefully, I'll send that in and that'll be it.

Meanwhile, I've stagnated on the chamber piece I'm working on. The next time I get a full day to work on it, I'm going to dive back in of course though. I've had some time to think about some choices I've made in the piece and I've made a lot of notes about what needs to be done next. Lots of random moments of inspiration in the past few days so I'm trying to at least keep it in the front of my mind while I wait for a good amount of time when I can delve into it with a clear head.

Incidentally, a clear head right now I do not have. Whenever I get sick, I feel like it interrupts my momentum and all of these things I had planned on doing do not get done or get back-burnered for a time and then I have to reshuffle everything. Blah, here I sit writing about it when I could be writing it. That's my typical self-admonishment but I'm going to go easy on myself because I think that mindset is important. I don't feel like I can get any decent amount of work done tonight after spending the day working on music for the film score, cleaning and generally being stuck inside the house.

Alternatively, I could just sit down and look at the piece and listen to it without thinking and see if anything comes to me. There's nothing wrong with that and at least I'll be doing something that'll feel like I'm working towards finishing it.

At any rate, I may just be done for the evening. It's time to scare up some dinner and maybe just watch some movies or something.

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