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Monday, January 25, 2010

Gluten free search mission and some good news...

Just back from a little gluten free excursion into the city, mostly for reconnaissance purposes. Checked out Baby Cakes in the LES. Didn't buy anything but I must say, this place looks like it could totally rival Magnolia cupcakes which I was mourning the loss of earlier in the week. From there, I went over to UNI QLO to buy a pair of jeans and check out some shoes and other clothing shops over in Soho. Exited UNI QLO with a pair of nice comfy jeans and grabbed the subway at Prince Street to head up to Union Square Whole Foods, for the second part of my mission.

There I was in Whole Foods with gluten free items practically jumping off the shelves at me. The heartbreaking thing was the price of each item. Gluten free granola bars, $4.39 a box, gluten free cookies, $5.49-$7.99 a box, gluten free loaves of bread as expensive as $9 a loaf...like some kind of punishment for being intolerant to wheat. How dare you make us find an alternative to wheat which grows so rampantly in this country. The only consolation? The Gluten free beer was actually comparable in price to a regular six pack so I grabbed some of that, along with a gluten free loaf of bread that cost $6. And here I sit drinking a bottle of Redbridge, made from sorghum. And it's fantastically refreshing and crisp, with a bit of a cidery taste but not unpleasant.

How about some more good news? George's film score is finished as of yesterday and the screening is this Friday. I'm relieved. And also a little proud of myself, I could have done what the other guys did and given up when George asked for more changes but I didn't. And instead of getting discouraged that my work wasn't up to par, I just kept working and eventually, I hit the mark. Not a bad hustle, I must say. Now, though I have my hands semi-full with the chamber piece, and my electronic music, I think I'm going to apply to a few film scoring jobs spotted on mandy.com in the weekly job newsletter. I'll let you all know how that goes.

Further good news to add to the pile is that I managed to get not one, not two, but seven apartment viewings in one night lined up for tomorrow night. I must be crazy. In truth, there are only three landlord/brokers involved. One who has an apartment in Prospect Heights Proper, closer to Grand Army Plaza and the other two have a selection of apartments in central to further east Prospect Heights and Clinton Hill. Will also keep you updated as to how those go. I have a really good feeling about the first apartment which is closest to Grand Army Plaza and the 2,3 train.

Meanwhile, must cook and get ready for work. I think I like these overnight shifts...for now. I woke up at 3:30 after having finally managed to get a full 8 hours of sleep after an overnight shift and I've had half an afternoon and an entire evening to mess around and get things done. For now, I'm off though.

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