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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Apartment hunting

Tonight, I find an apartment. I'm meeting some people with a room share at 3:15 (hoping to get into my yahoo mail by then and get the directions, yahoo seems to be having technical issues at the moment). Then tonight, I go with my broker to Sunset Park, Park Slope and Kensington to look at some other places. Last time I spoke on the phone with her she seemed mildly annoyed that one of the places we had looked at on Thursday was gone already, saying we needed to move quickly. This is true, but I still don't want to feel pressure to take something that isn't right for me. I don't know. Maybe I went in to this without every single criterion nailed down. For one thing, I was looking at the wrong price range for my expectations. Once I got my tax return and my last paycheck, it became apparent that I could afford a little more up front. So these next few places are slightly higher in rent then the last couple. Hopefully, that will translate into just a little more space. We'll see.

I finally got in touch with NY 1. I called the HR manager and got one of his assistants who told me to email my resume to them. Hopefully, it'll put me at the top of the list and they'll call me tomorrow. It's all about getting an interview so that I won't be totally screwed if Technicolor doesn't pan out. When I got here, I was hoping that Technicolor was a done deal. They told me it was only three weeks for sure and then it depended on my performance on the job because there was someone else vying for the job. I'm still confident but I have yet to even see what the job is going to be like. So, it's best to keep my options open now.

Who knows what'll happen. Meanwhile, I've had a great week just meeting people and getting the hang of the city. I did some walking around Rockerfeller plaza and Times Square on Friday by myself, then met Karishma around 39th and 7th and we walked back to Times Square. She wanted to see these red steps at the edge of Times Square. From there, above the street level, I shot a ton of pictures and had my dad stitch them together into a panoramic shot.

Click on the picture to get a better look at it.

Done being tourists, we took the E train down to W 4th street, the heart of Greenwich Village. There we had authentic Ethiopian food on the street where part of Across the Universe was set. Then we went to Rocco's on Bleeker street for the best cannoli in NYC. It was pretty good but I have no basis for comparison yet. I spent the remainder of the evening watching Love Actually with my cousin and her roommate back in Astoria. Almost spent Valentine's Day in the same fashion but, my cousin's roommate had invited me to go out dancing with her and some of her friends. My first official night out in NYC. I had a lot of fun. I won't give a blow by blow of the evening's events but I will say that there was very little dancing and a whole lot of watching after people who'd had too much. I almost stayed there in the East Village but decided to head home. One of the people we were out with implored me to take a cab instead of the train and gave me a little money to do so.

Anyway, wish me luck tonight.

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