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Monday, February 9, 2009

Some real news

I woke up at 8 am this morning. No, that's not the real news. But it is shocking for someone like me who's been working until 4 am consistently for the past 8 months. No, seriously, though, I called Technicolor first thing and left a message with both office and cellular, hoping to talk to them about the job. The job which will determine my next course of action. They called me back eventually and asked me if I could come in on February 23rd. I said yes, of course, and they went on tell me that the details were essentially this: I'm going to be working for a three week period, one week in training and two weeks actually doing the job. There's one other person in the running for the job so I have a 50/50 chance of getting it over the other person, who, I'm assuming, is probably working there now since I wasn't available right away. The pay is decent too. I've already done my budgeting for the next few months based on what I will be making and the good news is I will be able to eat, daily.

Anyhow, this is good news because within hours I've been able to think up a plan for the next few months based on whether things go good or things go not good. What's going to happen now is I'm going to find a room share or a sublet, something short term for the next few months, basically as long as I know I can afford to live up here. If I get hired, I will, at that point, give my notice to the sub lesser and/or roommate and start looking for a studio apartment, once I know I will have steady income. In the meantime, once I get into a sublease or whatever, I will have a good two weeks to get down to Raleigh and get my stuff back up here. Not too bad.

What if I don't get the job with Technicolor, you ask? Tomorrow morning, I'm going to make contact with NY 1 and try to get an interview with them. Hopefully, they will give me more than just the time of day since I am a former Time Warner employee. I'll just have to tell them that I'm not available to work until mid March. This way there's a plan B and I keep my options open.

Excited to have this part figured out. I think tomorrow I'll post pictures of some stuff that I'm seeing everyday just to give you more of an idea what it's like up here. And I think I'll catch a few movies this week so I'll know what the hell I'm talking about when the Oscars roll around. Peace for now.

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