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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving blurb...

The bird is out of the brine and hanging out in the refrigerator until it's time to stick it in the oven, the stuffing is cooling on the stove top (looking rather strange owing to the fact that I used gluten free bread and it's kind of falling apart in there...should be extra mushy). I just cut up a cantaloupe in anticipation of the arrival of my guests, who are bringing with them: a gluten free quiche, a gluten free pumpkin pie, some asparagus to roast later on (which I hope I have room for in the fridge when they get here), and hopefully some moral support. 

I'm kidding.  I have a schedule written out starting with the time the oven goes on straight up until the rolls and asparagus go into the oven to bake and roast respectively.  I've been meticulous and thorough (I keep telling myself).  We opted for a late afternoon meal which is different from what I grew up with.  By now, the kitchen is usually incredibly steamy from the oven that's been on since early in the morning when my mom got up to start the meal cooking and we were aiming for a 2pm meal time.  That's why I felt a little nervous sitting around watching TV this morning while I waited.  I've had it in my head that it takes from 6am to 2pm to cook a Thanksgiving meal.  Now that I think about it I'm not sure what my mom was doing that early, except maybe making the stuffing ahead of time and making the dough for the onion rolls.  I think I recall the bird actually going in the oven around 9am or so. 

Either way, I think I've done enough research that this is going to go over quite well.  Before and after pics of the bird? Why not.  Stay tuned. 

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