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Sunday, November 18, 2012

No Stress, no mess...

Did I say something about being stressed out about this?  No, I said I understood people who got stressed out.  No, I just remembered that I am the king of time management.  I should be fine.  I love this kind of stuff, remember?  Am I not always going on about that?  Yes, Turkey day will be a cinch.

Okay, I got a little advice from a trusted source.  In fact, I laughed that I didn't think of it before.  Good Eats Thanksgiving episode.  Inundated with the billions of different opinions on everything from roasting temperature to brining to whether or not to even use stuffing, I realized I should go to the sources I trust.   I've made Alton's recipes before and they've never done me wrong.  Difficult and complex though they may sometimes seem, I do like the reliable science that goes into them and the rationales behind the steps.

And even though Alton doesn't like stuffing, I am still keeping that aspect.  His rationale for not stuffing the bird is salmonella and campylobacter, but I don't see why you can't just keep cooking the stuffing in a casserole if it doesn't get up to temperature with the rest of the bird.  Right now, though, the thought of brining the bird does seem enticing.  I'm not sure I can procure a large enough vessel to do said brining before Wednesday night.

The point is, I'm remembering that this kind of thing is fun to me.  Not just the cooking but the planning on pulling things off.  I'm sitting here working on my remixes tonight and making slow and sure progress.  Seeing my well laid plans come to fruition is probably one of the most satisfying aspects of what I do.  When they do come to fruition of course.

I spent some time today looking at some of the project files for the songs I've composed this year. I remembered that I need a plugin that came with Guitar Rig 4 Pro for some of these songs and, since my reinstall I can't find the install file on my hard drive so I've had to install Guitar Rig 4 "essential which I do have lying around, but which doesn't have the aforementioned plugin.  So, now I'm thinking of just upgrading to Komplete 8, which gets me not only Guitar Rig 5 Pro but a whole host of other tasty synthesizers and samplers for a measly $229.  Early Christmas present?  Perhaps.

I've gotten the list of remix-able tunes down to 7 as well, which is much more manageable then the 20, I was trying for initially.  And I've gotten those 7 down to a tight to do list, so as long as I can manage to stay focused in the next few days, I should be able to take these all to mastering by the end of the month.   If all goes well.

With that, it back to simultaneously planning my Thanksgiving feast for 4.  More updates as the process begins from thawing the bird right up to managing the leftovers.

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  1. very cool! can't wait to hear how it turns out..and hear the music too.