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Friday, November 2, 2012

Aftermath 5, electricity returns...

The power is finally back on in the Chelsea Market and all around us.  Though to the south it is dark.  We were getting video in from all over on the East Side as the power came back on over there.  People cheering in the streets.  I have no idea how many more neighborhoods will have power by the time I get off work.  I don't feel like I'll be up to typing after a 39 degree F ride home so I thought I'd fill everybody in before I set out.  I still have just under 3 hours before I leave here and I'm not expecting it to be terribly busy.  The two biggest stories of the night practically happened simultaneously: the cancellation of the marathon and the power starting to come back on in waves.  How can you top those, really? 

Anyway, the commute this afternoon was rather unhurried and I even had time before hand to do laundry and grocery shopping.  Some of the shelves at the co-op were empty and the lines were as long as some of the busiest days there.  It was a typical day at the laundromat though. 

I took my bike on the R train and got off at the end of the line in Downtown Brooklyn where I biked over the Manhattan bridge.  I'll do the same in reverse in a few hours, despite the temperature and my pesky head cold.  I need to get that bike back home.  With any luck tomorrow won't be as bad getting in...I don't expect to have full train service but if there's power in Lower Manhattan, hopefully the trains will run over the bridge. 

I will be elated if this is the case.  Moreso than I was taking the elevator for the first time in 5 days when I went to check on my bike just now.  The sidewalks were illuminated on my side of the street, when I went outside, while the opposite side of 15th as well as 14th on south were in darkness.  Only the billboard across the street is illuminated making for an eerie scene still.  One more spooky adventure through Manhattan tonight.  Maybe I'll see revelers in the streets.  I'll try to photograph what I see, if I'm not too cold to stop.  Good night for now. 

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