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Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Music, remixes...

Just spent the evening remixing an old tune from a while back.  Going to record a bass line tomorrow if I have time.  And so begins my mission to remix and master 10 songs for the licensing agency by the end of the year.  Hopefully, I can pull this off.  I figured that was the most manageable way to get some music submitted to them soon before starting from scratch on new stuff.

New tracks, I'm going to approach in batches, with regard to what they could possibly be used in (i.e. what kind of shows/movies/documentaries etc.), and also with regard to instrumentation and genre.  For example, first, I may write, solo piano and simple instrumentals, then simple electronic stuff, then rock stuff, then chamber and orchestral.

Old stuff, I took the gems, the ones that I found some catchy element in.  These are tracks that were never released.  I wanted to remix, revamp and even overhaul some of them.  As long as, I could see them working with various types of projects, they were included. 

This is making the process not seem as long and overwhelming.  But it'll be nice to have all of these songs ready and handy.  Just recently, I was talking with someone about supplying music to a short promo for a .org.  I didn't think I had anything prepared that they could use but, after offering to do a custom track for them, I realized I did, miraculously.  Showed it to them but the rest of the production team decided it was too late to change the music.  Either way, it made me realize how nice it's going to be to have all this stuff ready for the licensing agency because I'll also have it ready in case someone asks me directly for music.  This is a non-exclusive contract after all.

Anyway, it's going to be a busy winter.  And I'm psyched as well because on Monday, I go into Big Yellow Duck Studios on W 45th Street to record the voice over for this gig I just got.  Sorta psyched for that.  Will have much more to say about that on Monday evening when all's said and done.  Should be fun.  I'll keep you in the loop.  For now, I'm off.  I have old college friends in town that I'm hopefully having drinks with after work.  Good night!

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