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Friday, January 27, 2012

Low Crescent Moon...

It was a beautiful sight looking at the clear sky in the west, with a low crescent moon sinking slowly.  Between the planes on approach to LaGuardia and the street lights along 5th Avenue in Park Slope, you wouldn't think you'd catch very many star gazing opportunities here.  But, on many a night I've seen a great deal of stars and can almost always spot Jupiter as it's very bright these days.  In fact, I saw Venus just before sunset on Wednesday during my lengthy jaunt around the East Village...and this was standing on Houston St. in the first few minutes after sunset!  Here's an article I just caught about how the two can be seen close to the crescent moon at sunset these next few weeks.  In March, the article says, Mars will be very bright, the brightest it's been for two years.

Wish I had a decent pic for you guys but it wouldn't come out.  Go outside and look for yourselves though.

Moving on from astronomy to something a little less predictable, my commute this evening could have put me in a bad mood but for some reason I was a little more relaxed at the fact that debris on the track was causing delays on the A, and the dispatch couldn't seem to decide how to reroute the train.  I remained on the A because I thought they said it would be going over the F line (which would have still taken me to the stop I where I wanted to change trains).  However, when I noticed the train wasn't moving a few stops later, I looked up and realized we were at Canal street (an A train stop) so we hadn't switched to the F line.  Yanking out one earbud, I tried to make sense of the chatter on the intercom but when I heard something that sounded like them suggesting we take an uptown train back to West 4th Street, I opted to get off the train and walk.  The great thing about downtown Manhattan where it starts to come to a point is that the train lines all get closer and closer together.  I knew that the R train (the train I would eventually be switching to in Park Slope) stopped at Canal street a few blocks east of where I was stuck on the A.   And I never get the chance to walk around in Tribeca.  So I opted to take my time getting home.  Because after all, you have to slow down every once in a while and relax.

I'm finding that my schedules on Thursdays and Fridays are so tight with work and errands before work and yoga on Thursday bright and early, that I can never expect to get too much done on my other projects.  Sure I can spend my entire break on them or sneak a look at my to do list, write emails or do other work when there's down time at work but it's probably best not to because the quality of my work suffers and I risk getting into trouble at actual work.  So, I'm taking a different approach to Thursdays and Fridays.  I'm not going to try too hard to push forward on those days on any of my projects as long as I spend adequate time on them during my days off and the days of the week that I have significant time off during the day where I'm not rushing around.  Manage my time, so to speak, so that I won't feel so bad about letting a few days go by without making headway on whatever I'm currently working on.  Deadlines or not.

This way, when Saturday through Wednesday comes around, I can dive back in fresh and start to work and plan my week ahead. Ironically, the first two days of my work week will now become like a weekend from my music projects.

And occasionally, I do plan on taking a weekend from both.  Soon enough.  Meanwhile, I'll try and do as much leisurely walking through random neighborhoods and spotting astronomical phenomena on my walk home. 

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