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Sunday, January 1, 2012


2012.  I had a good first day of the year overall.  Slept in like a rock star, took a bike ride around Prospect Park, grazed on leftover food from the party all afternoon and had Lacy over to rehearse for the recording session on Wednesday.  The party last night didn't go as planned but we all had fun anyway.  We were looking for low key and we got it.  A few people bailed after RSVP'ing so we had far fewer than expected.  Between Katrina's baking efforts and all the cheeses and meat I bought, we had way too much food.  But honestly, we're going to be eating it all this week so there's no real loss there. 

After sitting around and surfing the channels for a movie to watch and never really settling on one until it was half an hour before midnight, we ended up watching the ball drop on NY1 and then watching the fireworks over NY Harbor from my window (how cool is it that I could see that from my window?!).  Tania was here and brought a traditional Bulgarian cake called Banitsa, with charms baked inside that we all had to dig for.  The charms were pieces of paper with wishes written on them wrapped in foil.  So that was fun.  She even skyped with her mother in Bulgaria via her iPhone so mom could pick which slice of the cake she wanted. 

Everyone stayed until about 2am or so and then I finished cleaning and went to bed around 3am.  Now, I sit thinking about my plan not just for tonight and this week but for the year as a whole.  Two or three of the charms from my slice of the Bulgarian cake had career related stuff written on them (voice over being one of them that I'm pretty sure Tania wrote and put in there hoping I'd get it).  So, I'm starting to get a good feeling about this year.  Not simply because of a charm in a cake (although, there was some chance I might not have picked the slice of cake that had those particular charms in it), but also because I do feel poised to make some real changes.  I spoke about this a little in one of my last blog entries so I won't say much more.  In addition to this good feeling, I may not have mentioned a few blogs ago when I was talking about career stuff but, I'm positively inundated with potentially paying music gigs and I don't think it's much of a stretch to think I could find similar work in VO if I just apply myself like I'm planning to in the coming weeks. 

There's the music for "The Life," music for Mohammad's film reel, the recording session with Lacy and the potential to write music for another friend's cinematography reel, but also, I'm being asked to do some transcribing work for a friend with whom I've worked before and also could have another film scoring gig coming up soon too. 

All this is leaving me feeling pretty confident and energized.  And who knows, maybe I'll get off the @#$% overnight shift soon too.  One of the charms I pulled out of my slice said "promotion" on it. 

Another said "traveling."  Which I will also be doing later in the week.  Wednesday I take the god-forsaken Bolt Bus to Philadelphia early in the morning, record all day long, then take a train to D.C. where my sister will meet me and drive me to her home in VA.  A day with the kids and then we'll drive down to Raleigh to see everyone else and then I fly back to the city on Sunday of next weekend.  Hopefully, I'll get to do even more traveling than that later in the year but I suppose that's contingent upon me making, and putting away, a lot more money than I am right now.  

Anyway, when I touch back down in the city, I think that's when I'll begin phase 1 of this beautiful plan of mine.  Stay tuned. 

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