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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bolt again...

The city looked amazing this morning as I watched the sunrise over the skyline from the opposite side of the Lincoln Tunnel in NJ.  There's nothing that quite compares to the event of a sunrise coupled with the skyline of one of the greatest cities in the world.  I figured a picture wouldn't even encapsulate.  Okay, biased.  But you get the point.   Majesty was the watchword this morning and I felt compelled to just sit and watch with my cup of green tea that I had just enough time to purchase before hopping on the bus.  Also felt compelled to fasten my seatbelt due to the memory of my last Bolt Bus trip to Philadelphia.

Anyway, I'm going to be in three major cities today as I hop-scotch down the east coast today.  NYC to Philly to DC.  When I get to DC I'm going to have to hop on their metro system for a little which should be fun.  I like finding my way around a (relatively) new city.  I haven't been in DC on the metro since 2003, I think.  Or perhaps 2001.   Really looking forward to it though.  And looking forward to seeing my sister and her family.

But first, recording!  I'm playing on two songs today for Lacy's album, the names of which I will not discuss.  The album is probably coming out in April or May depending.  So, I'm also really looking forward to that…that and getting off this bus.  Try typing as the bus glides (not so smoothly) across the bumpy turnpike while sitting in your thermal shirt that you put on this morning due to the subfreezing chill you knew to expect, next to the heat streaming out of the vent that you didn't think to expect.

I think at this point, I'll leave it until I'm on the Amtrak or until I make it to Stafford.  Maybe I'll try to do some mixing on George's music…although, I can't see my patience with this earthquake of a bus ride holding out while I struggle with the track pad on this laptop.  More later...

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