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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flatiron to East Village...

Try finding a decent coffee shop with a wifi connection and an outlet or two so I can get some juice for my electronics, (oh and by the way, it actually has to have somewhere I can sit), in the East Village.  Seriously, I just spent my afternoon snaking my way through from Flatiron through Chelsea to Union Square and down to the Village in search of just such a place to kill time but everything was full or didn't have what I needed).   I came in to Manhattan around 130pm to meet Mohammad for lunch (gluten free pizza at Mozzarelli's: always a favorite) and decided to stay in the city all afternoon, since I'm meeting Tania in about an hour from now (it's currently 545pm as I type this).

I have all my stuff with me after all.  I was able to sit down at MUD Coffee on E. 9th street and do some work on the mix for "One Day," the song I'm writing for Mohammad's reel.  But beyond that, no internet and no place to charge my phone.  Well until now.  I hit my last option at Houston Street with the gargantuan Whole Foods on the corner of Houston and Chrystie Streets, a place where I don't necessarily have to buy anything to sit down and take advantage of the space.   It's so gargantuan after all that no one will notice I didn't buy anything.  

This is one of the many places that I've staked out throughout the city with free access to public bathrooms for just such a day of hiking around the city and not wanting to spend too much money.  After all, I just spent about $40 on a new yoga mat.  It's been needed for a while and I figured today, since I'm meeting Tania at a yoga class, that I should just get it.  My other yoga mat is currently sitting at the studio where I usually take classes and it's about to develop a full-on hole clear through the mat where my feet have been wearing it out in downward dog.  

Right now, my feet are killing me but I did enjoy my brisk jaunt around the Village despite not being able to find everything I was looking for.  It's not all the time I can allow myself these kinds of days.  I just finished two projects though and I thought, "why not give myself a real leisurely day off?"  Not many people I know would consider huffing it between three different Manhattan neighborhoods a leisurely day off but I'm merely referring to the fact that it was relatively unhurried and unscheduled.  Impromptu even.  

The best part?  I still got some work done tweaking a few things in the mix that Mohammad and I talked about at lunch and adding a Wurlitzer part doubling the guitar riff I recorded on Monday.  I still need to sit down at home and try my mix on a few different sets of speakers before I sign off on it and upload it to the Dropbox though.   

And it never ends.  Tomorrow I'm meeting with Steve Pitre, the cinematographer from Sides of the Track, to talk about music for one of his upcoming projects.  Exciting!  

Right now though, I'm going to try to relax a little, maybe get a snack before yoga.  This'll be the first time in a while that I've taken a class not at Abhaya yoga.  Should be cool.  Will blog more later…and when I upload this, I'll probably add pics from the Transit Museum visit on Sunday.  Will link from both this entry and the entry on the actual visit.  

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