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Monday, August 3, 2009

New Job, New scoring gig...

I'm excited. About life. Sometimes, when leaving work, I look up at the buildings towering over me, the billboards lit up, then down at the sea of yellow cabs and breath the warm night breeze and think, "I love this city." I've got a new job starting tomorrow, which, if it pulls through for me, might just be my ticket to making ends meet and starting to pay off debts.

I'm just feeling rather at peace with the pace of things, and that's comforting. Sure, there are some things that I'd change, tweak even. But, for the most part, I finally have come to terms with the fact that everything is happening at the right pace and I finally feel comfortable relinquishing everything, all of my thoughts and concerns, to that something outside of myself that controls the things I can't control. At present. I'm well aware that half of my state of mind is the fact that a few things that I have desired for some time are finally falling into place and, whenever that happens, it's a ton easier to actually realize that, hey, maybe things do work out if you're patient and thus, at those times, one is more patient and accepting of the pace of things. And I realize that next week sometime, or even in a few days, discontent may start to creep back in and I might come on here whining about something in my life not being quite to spec. But, for now, and I'll try to keep it up, I feel contented and a little empowered even. (Sorry for the run-ons in that paragraph, mom and Josee) You know how you feel when hard work pays off? That's what I'm feeling.

It's not even just the CNN job. I'm getting another chance to make an impression on a filmmaker. The same fellow who referred me to his friend at CNN, is asking my help on a 30 minute, festival-bound, short. He's had a few musicians weigh in but that bailed for various reasons mid-project. I'm on touch-up duty and it's kind of fun. The movie is a comedy, something I find I actually enjoy doing nowadays. Boyce Returns, a comedy I did last year, was a great project to work on. I really enjoyed the subtle goofiness I was able to inject into that score with the use of a simple clarinet and finger-picked 12-string guitar.

This film, "Peeper: A sort of Love Story," is in need of some piano for a tender dream sequence, something else added to a suspenseful scene that was scored by both of the previous composers initially, and a bit of whimsy to cover a scene where the comic relief character, a senile Vietnam Veteran, is viewed walking across a street from a fourth floor window while he heckles some hottie on the street corner.

Should be fun. And Brian Warzak, if you're reading this, I do intend to finish your tracks for the party scene. Let me know what you think of the last I sent.

Anyway, random aside. I should be in bed or at least headed in that direction. CNN starts at 10am and it takes 45 minutes to get up to Colombus Circle from here. Good night all.

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