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Friday, August 28, 2009

A long week and productivity abounds...

It makes me feel good that a) I just finished off a 6 day week, waking up at 430am for five of those days, without keeling over and dying, and that b) I get to follow up a blog about writer's blog with one about how I just made great strides on the most recent film score that I'm doing. Yes, I just spent the last three and a half hours, toiling like a madman on two out of the three pieces for the film that I'm doing now. They're done. Yep. Done. May need some polishing once I send them to the producers for input. I have one more to polish off and hopefully, I can get some of that done tomorrow. Because next week is just as crazy. I went from having no shifts to picking up five extra shifts at NY 1 so I'm not as worried about money next month as I was. Since I'm working so much, the apartment is a bit of a mess but I feel pretty productive in general as of late. I got my NY State license in the mail, so now it really feels like I'm a NYer. I bottle my beer tomorrow, if all goes to plan. I managed to make it down to the homebrew store after all and bought a bottle capper, the last essential piece. Tomorrow, Mike's probably going to come over in the morning and we're going to take care of it. It helps to have an assistant or two so you can form an assembly line and make the process go smoother. Plus, it's fun to have friends help out. I've been cooking a lot lately and marveling at my ability to shave dollars off of my monthly grocery bill. I can't wait to take this new found success in frugality a step further by sharing a place next year. Cheaper rent is a dream of mine.

All that stuff aside, I'd say it's been a pretty good week overall. And a good month at that. Things are coming together in a lot of ways and it makes me (as I've said before) quite content to let things unfold as they will. I still do get those mini freak outs where I wonder when I'm going to stabilize job wise and when I'm going to get my social life to a point where it feels effortless. But it's much easier nowadays to take a step back and realize that a) things aren't going that bad, b) even if they aren't perfect, would I want them to be? and c) when things aren't going my way, I should just ask myself, what's so special about my way anyway? Perhaps the way the universe plans for things to happen isn't so bad. Of course it isn't.

That having been said, I just looked up and discovered that things are indeed becoming effortless as far as social graces and I'm meeting more people at work, becoming more comfortable in my surroundings there and, even outside of work, I'm having more and more fun, more and more often with my new friends up here, both the poker crowd and the people I'm meeting at the Unitarian Church.

Job-wise, as I said, I picked up more shifts at NY 1, got called about a shift at CNN and just confirmed with Joel (ran into him randomly in downtown Brooklyn) that he will definitely still need me for a 16mm film shoot two weekends in September in my neighborhood of Sunset Park. It's for a narrative he's putting together, a short version of a feature length screenplay he wrote. Should be fun. Oh, and there are a ton of films in production right now that will need background actors so I will be scouring craigslist and my casting agency's website for postings.

Anyway, I've been sitting in front of this computer for about four hours now and I want sleep. It's been a long week.

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