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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homebrew Supply shop, where are you?

Another productive day off. Which makes it feel not at all like a day off. I finished the music for film score number 1, for the NYU student, did a little laundry, cleaned, (finally got my package from zZounds, the long-awaited sustain pedal for my keyboard), did some online banking, dropped off a book at the Brooklyn Public library, picked up some random things I needed from the grocery store, and even worked a little on the new film score for my friend from NY 1. Oh, and some of you may notice that I have finished the tedious task of putting tags on all of my blogs to more easily categorize each entry. Just something I wanted to do for a while. There are blurbs, entries on why I moved to New York, entries about music, jobs, posts with pictures. You get the idea.

And I just finished cleaning the kitchen. I still have a few things on my mind that I would like to try to accomplish at some point. One is to get a fermentation lock for home brewing. The one I had disappeared during the move and it's sort of an essential piece for home brewing. So, I decided not to order one from the homebrew shop at home because they cost a dollar and some change and I have this aversion to paying more than the cost of an item to ship it. Also, I thought I'd give searching around here for a homebrew supply shop another shot. And wouldn't you know it, between now and the last time that I looked online, some enterprising individuals have taken it upon themselves to open one up, right under my nose. Brooklyn Homebrew opened up back in July right here in Sunset Park but they've been blogging about their intentions to open up in the area for a few months prior and were even featured in Time Out New York (also right under my nose as I subscribe to the mag and never saw the brief blurb about them).

I decided to scope it out today and see if I couldn't also get some grains to use with the kit I have. I went down there after my short trip to the Brooklyn Library, only to walk by the address with a quizzical expression on my face. By the Google Maps location, I was already skeptical that any business could be in this location, because it's a street block and not out on one of the avenues, but upon passing the location twice (so as not to look strange stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and staring), I was convinced it couldn't actually be there. It's a freaking brownstone the address they give on their website! No sign out front either, so I opted not to go up and knock, but instead to come home and do a little more research. So, I wound up finding this. Apparently there is another brew supply outlet in the borough but they are part of the Brooklyn Flea Market which only happens Sunday (by the Brooklyn Bridge) and Saturday (in Fort Greene). So this Sunday, I think I'll head up to High St. and check it out. If I can't get a bubbler there, I'm in trouble.

For tonight, I'm deciding between watching Harry Potter 5 (again), watching Zodiac (which just came from Netflix) or working more on my music for the new film score. Any of the above choices are going to be coupled with pouring another glass of ice water and wiping the sweat off my brow. One thing I didn't check off my list today was to get a fan. I could just go down to this store that just opened up near the corner of 8th and 42nd and buy one right now, but I just don't want to get ripped off or pay more than $25 for one when I might be able to find one on freecycle.

All I know is that the sooner this humidity is over, the happier Tim will be.


  1. Hi. We are really sorry if we missed you! We usually take orders by phone and Email, since we are not a storefront yet. When we are closed, we take our sign out of the window. So we apologize for the confusion. As we get busier our hours are expanding. If you would like to stop by sometime, you can just shoot us a quick Email or phone call. We love meeting our homebrewing neighbors, so we hope to see you around. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for posting, I may just stop by sometime soon. I have a batch fermenting right now but soon I will need a bottle capper and perhaps some more ingredients for the next batch. Glad you guys are here in Sunset Park!