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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Working more...

I got an extra shift this week because someone called out sick. It wasn't that bad, in fact, I may have over dramatized the dissonance at work that I was speaking about. I mean, after all, my perception was responsible for half of it. I can think of another way to look at it all together in which I look at it all as just another thing that I have to deal with like the people who honk their horns on my street at 7 in the morning, or the long wait for the D train. Some things are just a fact of life and we do much better not trying to avoid all those unpleasant things but rather observing them and choosing not to react or to react in a positive manner.

At any rate, I'm learning that I also shouldn't judge someone on their behavior on any given day because I've had my bad days (Monday being one of them) and sometimes I get angry or impatient. In other words, I probably shouldn't take it so personally. Any of it.

This afternoon I took my head shots to that talent agency, a small office in a building on Broadway between Herald and Madison Square. I then took a stroll down Broadway instead of going back to Herald Square and enjoyed the darkening sky and impending thunderstorm as I sat in front of the Flatiron building (which I had no idea I was walking towards until I looked up and saw it). Then I took a walk across the street to Madison Square Park and sat there for a bit. There's a Shake Shack there in the middle of the park and there was a line out to the street for burgers. The burgers there are so good and so cheap, ($3.75 for a regular hamburger) and they're high quality too. The meat is ground fresh daily. I ate at the location by the Natural History museum a few weeks ago with my friend who goes to Columbia. This whole run-in with the original Shake Shack location influenced my decision to get ground sirloin for dinner and make burgers in my cast iron pan (thanks for bringing it up Mom!).

Tonight, I'm going to work on some music as I'm putting up a profile on a page called Guru.com, a site for freelancers to peddle their skills. It looks promising so far. I'm also checking out this site, Going.com, a sort of social networking site for NYC and other metros. It's pretty cool so far as well. But we'll see. Enough for now, here's some photos I snapped in Sunset Park the other night.

Sunset Park at Sunset

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