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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Networking and edible weather...

I just had the most awesome idea the other day. Well, the main aspect of it is not my original idea but the grand picture is. And I'm not thinking of doing this right away. More like a goal to work towards. Anyway, it would be awesome to work toward having a nice enough place in Manhattan and being freelance enough that I could easily leave my apartment for periods of time, so that I could do the occasional apartment swap with people in various towns and cities in Europe and across the world. Then I could write music anywhere I wanted, within reason. Maybe Reykjavik. Kidding. There's so much else to consider in such a scenario, like what to do with the cat.

But anyway, that's a distraction at best right now. I'm working hard on Warzak's score (the NYU short) in the next few days, hoping to have all of the source music recorded before Warzak comes by on Thursday so we can work on the underscore. I also managed to do some networking through Joel (for whom I was working as a PA and for whom I wrote music a month ago) and might have landed my next composing job (probably pro bono again)). The AC who was working with us on the shoot Thursday perked up when I said I was composer. Interesting story, the video we were working on during the shoot is for a website called Officeworks.com (still in the "works" apparently) and we were told to interview people on the street asking them what their dream job was (I was holding the boom mic all day, my arms were killing me). They decided to interview me first just to do a test run and get some things set up with lighting, sound and camera and of course, when asked my dream job, I said film composer without a moment's hesitation. So Amir asked me about it later and mentioned that he just finished a short and is working with a composer who might fall through. So I gave him my card and then rather unscrupulously handed one out to the rest of the crew as we sat eating lunch outside city hall. Hook, line and sinker.

Have I mentioned that I love this city. Twice last week, I wound up on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge at the end of my day and decided, instead of grabbing the 4 or 5 train back to Brooklyn through the tunnel, to walk the bridge, despite being tired as crap both days. It's just amazing. And it's only about another three blocks on the other side of the bridge to the Court St. M/R station where I can usually, during rush hours, catch the M back to 9th Avenue.

And the weather is just so nice that I wanted to eat it. If that makes any sense. Friday I worked a 6am to 2pm shift at NY 1 and, when I got done, I met some friends at Sheep Meadow in Central Park to sit in the grass and hang out. I took my shoes off. Then we went to get beers at a bar on 1st Avenue near 59th Street because it was that kind of afternoon where you drink beer while the sun is still up.

Time Out New York Magazine announced all of the summer concerts this year in the most recent issue. I already know I'm going to try and go see Bela Fleck in Central Park because it's part of the free concert series. I will say it again, I love this city.

(In case you were wondering about the film terminology and all the acronyms above read this article. It's a good primer for knowing the people on a film crew...note how composers are way at the bottom of the list).

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