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Friday, April 5, 2013

Checking in...

It's been about three weeks on the new schedule now and I can say that I'm adjusting more quickly than I thought I would.  Those who read this blog and those who know me well, know how obsessed with time management and saving money I am.   Especially time management with the end goal of saving money.  

I managed to pull it off again today, gangbusters.  I cooked enough food to last me until next Wednesday (in terms of dinners at work) and brought it all here to work to store in the fridge until I need it.  But why do I need four meals at my immediate disposal?  Why not just cook the food the day I'll be eating it?  Well usually I do this stuff to save time and saving myself the weight in my shoulder bag has also been a goal as of late...that and not having to carry one every day.  But in this case, my weekly schedule has changed so much that I'm having to really improvise.  

Normally I would bring all this food in on the first day of my work week.  But, I can't do that anymore. Why you ask?  Because I'm starting my work week at a whole other job that I've just landed.  Freelancing at CNN again and squeezing shifts in on the morning side before working the 330pm shift at NY1.  On those days, I really can't (and kinda don't want to even try to) carry food from one job to the next and I certainly don't want to be eating out the two days of the week that I have shifts at both jobs.  So, last weekend, in a pinch because I didn't think of it until Saturday, I cooked my food on Saturday afternoon and rode into the city with the express purpose of storing it in the fridge for the next week.  The plan worked great and I only had to eat out once last week.  

This week though, I had the foresight to use my Friday morning to cook food, a morning when I can't ever make it to a yoga class on my level that ends in time for work.  

Yesterday, I cooked as well as baking bread for the week and doing laundry.  So, I'm making it work and with the CNN gig and also the TruTV gig (which starts the week of my vacation right after I get back from NC), I should be making bank by the middle of May.  The only thing is that I'm finding minimal time to work on the important things like the voice over and the music so I've gotta figure out when to squeeze that in.  

Luckily, at the moment, I don't have any music gigs, even on the horizon, except of course playing shows with Lacy, and the voice over gigs will be deliberately back-burner-ed while I focus on polishing the demos (redoing a few takes, producing the promo demo).  I'm at a point right now where I can't afford to renew my subscription to Voice123.com anyway.  So, what better time than now to polish things and reposition myself for another attack on the city's voice over agents.  I've also reached out to a few filmmakers that I know but haven't worked with yet and I'm waiting on responses from most of them.   

By the summer time I hope to have something else going in both of those arenas.  

Things could change with the day jobs as well but I won't get too far ahead of myself, as a rule.  Just the excitement of having consistent extra work is enough to get me by.  After only two days at CNN, I'm finding I really like the crew this time around.  There are a ton of people that work there that I've worked with before at other jobs...one of them being a former coworker at NY1 ingest who just started there this past December.  She was training me on Monday and Tuesday.  

TruTV, like I said starts after my quick trip to NC, for which I leave a week from tomorrow.  And I'm really looking forward to getting shown the ropes there.  I will fly back to NY on the 17th and work the following two days at TruTV to train and then it's my birthday weekend and I plan to throw a bar party that Saturday night.  

Fun things on the horizon then including a much needed vacation.  

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