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Saturday, April 27, 2013

64 hours...

...a week. How in the world am I going to pull it off?  The good news is I had a trial run and working three days out of my week, pulling double shifts between CNN and NY1, did not kill me.  I am still alive as I sit typing this.  Evidently.  Having the actual weekend off is going to make all the difference in this little endeavor.  Having that time to recharge.  The actual work I'm doing, if I approach it right, is not all that hard and doesn't stress me out all that much.  It's a matter of planning for being away from the apartment for extended periods of time. That means taking extra care to make sure the cat has enough food and that I have enough food that I don't have to eat out every day. The other trick is going to be getting enough sleep so that I don't end up so tired by the end of the night. That means not trying to go straight to sleep but giving myself time to unwind.  The other night I dropped straight into bed and ended up tossing and turning until 2am and had to be up at 7.  Ugh.  Next week I do four days of doubles (basically 9am until 1130pm) and then I work noon-8pm Friday.   I know I can survive it.   And I'm going to make so much extra money!  

Today, Lacy and I played National Underground.  Which was great fun.  And it just goes to show you that even despite the massive amount of hours I'm working between my three jobs (yes, three...I started training at TruTV last week after my vacation), I am still able to do what I love.  

And tonight what did I do?  I had a burger with my cousin at Korzo, down the street, while simultaneously doing a load of laundry at the laundromat across the street.  Seriously, people, learn how to multi task effectively.  It'll change your life.

A few weeks ago I was fretting about how the schedule change to having weekends off was going to affect my routine, and now I'm absolutely killin' it.  The only thing I've left to figure out is when I'm going to cook my meals so I don't have to eat out all the time.  But even that is not that big of a deal.  I may try that cooking for the entire month thing someday.  That would require some serious strategy though.

But for now, I just need to sleep.  I realized that since I plan on doing yoga in the afternoon tomorrow I can do something amazing tomorrow.  Sleep in.  Just sleep in.  I'm talking about not setting an alarm, ignoring the cat, rolling over several times, putting the pillow over my head to block out the sunlight, stretching out, considering getting up, not getting up, grabbing my phone and reading my Facebook feed.  Then maybe, just  maybe, getting up to go the bathroom and then getting back in bed.  You can see I've given this some thought.  It's going to be pretty awesome, barring any unforeseen shenanigans from the outside world.  Wish me luck!

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