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Monday, April 9, 2012

Experimental Music, Professional sports and bad cab rides...

So, it looks like I'm going to be going to Boston at the beginning of May.  Tania and I are now planning on doing a concert on May 5th at The Lily Pad in Cambridge, as a prequel to the concert on May 10th at Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO.  So, I need somewhere to stay or else I need to buy a ticket on a late train back to NYC that night.  We'll see how that goes though.

Soon, Tania and I will start rehearsing the new piece, about which I am excited, because I have some new ideas.  More on that later.

Meanwhile, I push forward on the score for the sci-fi short and await approval or rejection for the 90 minute doc.   I got some input from the director of the short tonight and made some edits before Logic decided to be a pain in the ass and crash.   Something to with running too many plugins or specifically with the Akoustik Piano plugin.  I'll figure it out in the morning, because it's right about the witching hour right now and my attention span and stamina are seriously fading.

After meeting with the director for the 90 minute doc last week, I was asked to score a short 10 minute clip to give her a feel for what I might do.  My first take wasn't quite on the mark but I resubmitted something Saturday morning.  And now I wait.  I should know something tomorrow afternoon, hopefully.  There are a few other composers they are looking at, so fingers crossed.  

This morning, I hiked up to Queens to have brunch with a friend and then go to a Mets game.  That was actually fun.  First time going to a professional New York sporting event too.  I had heard that Citifield had some gluten free food so I sought that out while I was there.  Kozy Shack there sells gluten free pudding, hot dogs and sausages as well as Redbridge beer.  The game itself was a good one, from what I understand about baseball.  The home team won; there was a decent amount of suspense, not too much downtime and it was all over in slightly less than three hours.  And it was sufficiently sunny, albeit slightly chilly to begin with.  A fun time all around.

After the game, the better part of which was spent in direct sun, I retreated back to Brooklyn, sun stroke and drowsy, ate dinner and tried to nap because I was headed next to an experimental music salon concert in someone's apartment in Prospect Heights.  That was also cool and relatively impromptu.  My cinematographer friend Steve, the same for whom I'm writing some music for his promo and narrative reel, invited me along.  I've always heard about things like this.  Lacy and Tania both have told me about the same one in Philly that always takes place at this woman's mansion.  The one I attended last night roves around from location to location.  Unfortunately, since I had to leave and go to work, I didn't get enough info about when the next one is or how to go about performing at it.

I only saw two out of the three acts that night, the first of which I did a little networking with after his piece.  He was a violin player and mentioned something earlier on when we spoke about being in a string quartet…I may need a string quartet for the documentary score if I get the job, so we exchanged information.  His piece was compelling.  He did some ambient improvisation on his violin over a sine wave drone that played back on a CD player.  The piece was long but surprisingly not repetitive for how simplistic it was.  Half of the intrigue came from watching the crowd react in such a small space.

The next piece was two performers and finally explained the pile of weird percussion instruments and toys laid out on a table in the corner.  One guy made noises with that array and the other performer had a mixer, patch cables, some kind of box and a guitar amp (later a guitar came out), all to make a ton of noise using waveforms.  I somehow missed him explaining all of his equipment and had to guess at how he had it set up.  The interplay between the two performers was probably most interesting to watch.

At about twenty minutes into their set, I started to realize that my time to make it back home and grab my stuff and lunch for work was dwindling…and I was also sort of trapped in a corner in the kitchen and would have had to walk right down the middle of the room where the performance was happening to get my jacket and get out the door.  I decided that I would not risk it and just kept thinking through contingency plans in case the music kept going on and on.  By the time the music did end, at approximately 9:20, I figured I had time to say a few quick goodbyes and run down to Grand Army Plaza to grab a cab home and then I'd have just enough time to get to work at 11pm.

I kind of wish I could have stayed a little longer and maybe seen the first act, too.  As it was, I didn't really get a good chance to get any further impressions or process what I was seeing.  Nor did I get much info on when and where the next one will be but I'm sure I can ask Steve.

After I left, I went down to Flatbush Avenue and managed to grab a cab no problem.  But I managed to get a cab driver who doesn't ask if you mean Manhattan or Brooklyn before he assumes you mean 19th Street in Manhattan and starts rocketing towards the Manhattan bridge.  I didn't realize that that was what he was doing until about the time he had passed 6th and 5th avenues and was heading toward 4th avenue at a pretty good clip.  "I meant 19th Street in Brooklyn, by the way!", I said, hoping it wasn't too late but knowing deep down he wouldn't be able to make a left turn until about Nevins Street.   He, of course, complained about my not telling him and we went back and forth about it for a bit, me telling him that I assumed he was taking 4th avenue, which is why I didn't stop him earlier.  He just kept saying he thought I meant head into the city.  Eventually, he got me back on track, but not before worrying me that he was going to try and get on the BQE.  Unfortunately, his plan to take Court St. to Hamilton Avenue backfired because the drawbridge over the Gowanus Canal was just opening when we got up to it…a drawbridge which I have never seen open. So, that took 10 minutes.  Eventually, I did get home and I managed to get here to Chelsea early.

And now I'm here at work, with 3 hours or so to go and I'm so tired.  Remember that nap I mentioned? Didn't happen.  Before I go, though, there's some VO news.  That audition I asked to resubmit?  I think they're going to hire me to do it.  Also, I got offered another gig on the site as well.  So things are finally starting to happen there.  So we'll see what tomorrow holds.  For now, it's lunch time.  Yes, lunch at 4 in the morning, 'cause that's how I roll.

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