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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Barbès, the film score and the upcoming premiere...

I can't seem to get enough of these guys.  Slavic Soul Party was playing at Barbès as they do every Tuesday night and I just got back.  Despite needing to finish a few cues for the film score and start another one, I decided to go to Barbès after yoga because a new friend I just met said she'd be there. I love how this kind of stuff happens in NYC.  After Monday's 4pm yoga class that I usually take, I stopped by my friend Paige's apartment in DUMBO to chat and help her with some stuff on her computer.  While there I met a subletter that is currently staying with her, a piano player from Israel via London.  We hit it off and got talking about music and it turned out she was heading to Barbès tonight to see Slavic Soul Party.  She had been turned on to them because a friend of hers from Finland was doing some acrobatics during their set.   The Finland friend herself had connected with the band via YouTube.  When they announced her they mentioned they had been anticipating her performing with them for over a year.  Another great story of musicians connected across vast distances.  And apparently, one of the friends she introduced me to at the bar tonight is also a composer. So, that was cool to connect and chat with a fellow composer.

And of course, I shamelessly plugged the show coming up in a few weeks at Galapagos Art Space, about which I am exceedingly excited.  It's going to be freaking amazing and tons of fun.  I have been spending every spare second I'm not working on the film score working on making sure the logistics of recording and looping Tania do not destroy me.  I'm using this program called Mobius and am currently deciding whether or not to use it as a standalone or through Mainstage, a program designed for live performance of various instruments (both live and MIDI).   I currently use Mainstage to perform Moon, Tides, Cycles and blog about that here.  For the new piece, I am planning on looping Tania's performance during one part of the piece and having her play against herself but, in addition, I'm looking for a way to sample her performance (or her rehearsal depending on my ambition) so I can use those sounds to create a palette of sound to use during the second half of the piece.  I think I'm zeroing in on the most efficient way to do so.  But if you want to see the end result you have to come to the show.  And really please do.  The link to buy tickets is here.  I know $20 advanced seems like a lot but think of the fact that we have to essentially rent the venue to be able to perform and get oursleves heard.  It's hard being a musician sometimes.  :-/  Plus add in the fact that this is a world premiere of a new piece, the performance of which is going to be an outstanding achievement if it goes over well.  Piano and electronics is harder than it sounds. 

Anyway, at the moment I'm working off of a nice mixture of my current favorite elixirs, a glass of Côte du Rhone, a glass of Pernod, and a Dry Blackthorn Cider.  Good thing it's my Saturday night.  Tomorrow, I have to get a cavity filled and then I'm going back to Learning Ally for the first time in three weeks to volunteer.  Afterward, it's all film score all day long if I can help it.   

Meanwhile, I have my birthday coming up this weekend...which is why it's ever so important I get something done on the film score.  I'm going to want to spend the entire day Saturday just celebrating that I've survived not just another year, my 31st, but that I survived another year in NYC.  For now, Good night!

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