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Friday, August 26, 2011

Flying into the Storm...

So, I got to see a cut of the film last night. It totally holds up. And of course, I'm hearing more that I want to do to the mix. Especially the solo oud parts. It seems like they're over compressed or there's some EQing that needs to be done.

Anyway, I'm typing this in LaGuardia airport into a text file which I will upload later. When are airports going to start having free wifi? You have to sign up and pay for Boingo to be able to get online in here. I guess they can't afford to give away wifi like other places can. So, why am I at the airport and flying into the path of a storm when everyone else in NYC is freaking out and buying bottled water, deciding whether to hunker down or evacuate? Because I miss my family and I made these plans weeks ago when this Hurricane was just a gust of wind in Africa. It's kind of exciting but I do face the possibility of not getting back in time for my shift on Sunday night. They're making all kinds of plans at work to have people stay in the city at the Maritime Hotel across 9th Avenue from the Chelsea Market because mass transit may get shut down as early as Saturday afternoon. Ironically, they're even talking about having to evacuate the Chelsea Market, at which point, our affiliate in Albany will take over our programming. In a way, I'm sad I'll miss the excitement but I'm sure there'll be enough excitement in NC.

At any rate, I need to find out what's happening with my flight. It was on time when I left home but I just overheard something about another flight being delayed arriving here so anything could be happening. And I have earbuds in, music blasting like usual so I might have missed even more info than that. More later.

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