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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The best place to work away from home...

Trying to decide where to do this comes down to three factors: how restrictive is the wifi (i.e. does it time out or do you have to pay or is it a weak or often interrupted connection?), how expensive the coffee is (does it justify leaving the apartment to do work), and how full it tends to get on a typical afternoon (i.e. will I find a seat that I can hold on to and make my trip worthwhile)…this also depends on what day of the week it is. Like, is it national effing brunch day in New York City and does the place serve food that attracts brunchers? So, considering all these factors, I wound up at Tea Lounge on Union Street. I needed to spend the afternoon here working on the business plan and other stuff so I couldn't go to Ozzies, even though their prices are a bit cheaper, because Ozzie's wifi connection times out after a certain amount of time (or at least it did last I was there) and I think you have to pay to keep it going. 'Snice was full of brunchers because they are first and foremost a veggie sandwich shop that sells coffee and happens to have wifi that attracts laptoppers like myself. (Boy, I'm just making up words left and right, aren't I? There's lots of red squiggly lines in this blog entry). Unfortunately, I paid almost $4 for an iced green tea so I could sit here all afternoon.

I could have honed in on this shop first and saved myself some time but I tried "Snice first. Was full. I had wanted to take a meandering stroll through parts of Park Slope I don't get to that often, anyway, just to feel a little leisurely before diving into work. I find that taking an aimless walk or just allowing myself some leisure time helps with my focus just as much as the act of getting out of the house. While the internet itself is rampant with distractions, I find so many more at home than I do when I come out. Here at a coffee shop, I have the sense that I've allotted time and I'm here for a reason so I'd better take advantage of the time and be productive. At home, I feel like if I wanted to laze around, no one would judge me. Not that they would here but I'm still not compelled to lie down on this couch on which I sit.

But I digress, I'm considering in a few months when I have the extra money to throw at it, going back to Edge Studio to take the next round of webinars and workshops. Actually making a plan to take off two Saturdays in a row from work so I can make it to the workshops and mock auditions that they have. I missed out on getting to take these when I was doing the program last summer because of work. I did do two of them, one of them over the phone, but I feel like I could benefit from going to a few of them this time around so I can meet more VO artists like myself and keep in touch with them this time. I met some great people last time but they too quickly disappeared off my radar.

So, that's the bulk of what I've been doing this afternoon, researching the cost of all of that and working it into the business plan. Additionally, I'm trying to hone in on voice over events and places I might go to meet an agent. This one is not as urgent because I'm not even going to approach an agent until I re-record my demo. This might be what I spend the month of September on. Doing the first test runs of that this week. My cousin will be on vacation and I will have the apartment to myself to focus on that.

Beyond all the VO work, I think we'll be done with the film score as I mentioned last night. So, it'll be a busy week for me but I don't mind. I'm getting my opportunities to socialize. This past Friday was Ra Ra Riot in Prospect Park. I went with Karishma and met a co worker and his wife and another co worker there. They're a great band with an incredible live show. We had to sit pretty far back and the band was half blocked from our view by the beer tent but we didn't care. The weather was freaking amazing and we had snacks and booze. If you haven't heard Ra Ra Riot, give them a listen. For now, I'd better get back to my work. Talk soon!

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